Pottery Classes From Blaine Tucker

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(Newswire.net — March 18, 2014) Hartford, Connecticut — By Bobby Richardson


Editors of entertainment and lifestyle website Everything Entertaining recently announced that the website will be working with pottery instructor Blaine Tucker to increase accessibility for all to the art of pottery. According to recent news from the website, staff of Everything Entertaining are currently sponsoring free pottery lessons for members of their community. While the lessons are free, participants must agree to being filmed as they learn and work. The footage from the free classes will soon be edited into a series of pottery video lessons, which will be available for download and purchase on Everything Entertaining.


“Blaine Tucker is really great at teaching pottery and we’re happy to have the opportunity to work with him,” says Roger Stein, an editor of and contributor to EverythingEntertaining.com. “People at the classes are getting a lot out of it. We opened to the classes to all ages. Anyone who wants to can sign up, and everyone is welcome as long as there is space available. The classes have been particularly popular with parents and their children.”


According to the editors of Everything Entertaining, the pottery classes and videos started as a joint venture between the founders of the site and Blaine Tucker.


“Blaine Tucker asked me for some help in monetizing his pottery skills,” says Roger Stein. “I suggested that we make some videos, and after talking it over for a couple days we decided to do it. Everything Entertaining is actually paying Blaine to do these classes, because we will retain the rights to the videos. So far it looks like everyone is benefiting, from the people attending free classes, to Tucker, to the people working at our website.”


Everything Entertaining announced that the Blaine Tucker pottery videos will be available by the end of the spring, depending on how quickly the work moves through post-production.


Roger Stein commented: “We want to get these videos produced and up for sale as quickly as possible, but our first priority is quality, so we won’t rush to get things done if it means sacrificing quality.”


The instructional pottery videos starring Blaine Tucker and produced by Everything Entertaining will be ninety minutes long each and are expected to cost fifteen dollar each.