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( — March 19, 2014) Franklin, Tennessee — 

Jencons Scientific, USA has begun distributing Techne’s exceptional Prime Thermal Cycler range. Techne have redesigned and upgraded their established Prime thermal cycler range. With increased instrument flexibility and unique software, Techne’s Prime thermal cycler range has become the most feature-rich and easily navigated range of instruments on the market. The Prime range provides an unrivalled user experience, for each unit features a full color touchscreen and intuitive user interface.


The supporting Quansoft software provides an easy to use comprehensive data analysis package with the flexibility to edit experiment setup even after the run is complete. Quansoft software is utilized in every Prime instrument from 3Prime personal thermal cyclers to full-size cyclers such as PrimeG. Techne’s new range of Prime instruments provide high performance, exceptional value and reliability.


Prime Range Features in all Models from 3Prime to PrimeG

  • Color touchscreen provides easy set-up and user-friendly experience
  • Unique Quansoft Software is utilized in each thermal cycler
  • Programs can be shared across every model
  • Upgradable software via USB port
  • Excellent temperature profiles and thermal accuracy


3Prime is a personal cycler that incorporates the touchscreen interface, has rapid ramping rates and a small footprint, which makes it ideal for research and teaching laboratories.


3PrimeX delivers all the features of 3Prime with an expanded sample capacity, accommodating 48 x 0.2ml microtubes, 30×0.5ml tubes, plus half a 96 well plate in a horizontal format.


Prime is a full sized thermal cycler, which delivers both high performance and high thought-put to provide maximum flexibility when processing a large number of samples in parallel.


Prime G is a full sized, gradient enabled thermal cycler with all the features of the Prime unit. The wide linear gradient with a range of 29 degrees Celsius allows annealing temperatures to be optimized in one experiment. The gradient calculator function displays the temperature for each of the 12 columns, ensuring easy replication of thermal conditions.


Prime Elite is a the new high-performance networkable thermal cycler, equipped as standard with all the latest features including large color touchscreen, fast ramping, innovative front-loading PCR plate drawer, automatic non-motorized heated lid, TERS thermal energy recovery system and a unique space-saving, stackable design. Prime Elite can be combined to form a two, three or four block instrument.


PrimeQ allows new flexibility for real-time PCR, designed with the capabilities of chemistry format and open architecture. Its PMT (Photo Multiplier Tube) detector provides raw, convertible data for analysis and accurate detection of photons.  Its flexible scanning mechanism allows for highly accurate partial and full plate reads.


Prime Range is Ideal for Use in:

  • Life Sciences and Molecular Biology labs
  • PCR, Genomics, genotyping and gene expression
  • Molecular and Clinical Diagnostics
  • Pharmaceutical Research
  • Food Testing
  • AgriGenomics Research
  • Forensic Science Labs
  • Microbiology and Biochemistry labs


For more specifications, technical information or to order any instruments from the Prime Thermal Cycler Range contact Jencons Scientific, USA.

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