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(Newswire.net — March 19, 2014) San Diego, CA — There are over 2.4 billion people on the Internet and, according to Nielsen, over 85% of them have made a purchase online. This is a massive, untapped market for entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups struggling to get customers and grow their business.


Figuring out the specific how-to details to find qualified clients online and drive them back to a business website is a major source of frustration for many. That’s why husband-and-wife team Marisa Murgatroyd and Murray Gray have gathered 10 leading traffic experts to release a revealing new report educating business owners on current traffic generation marketing strategies.


The 2014 Traffic Playbook: 10 Brand New Strategies from the World’s 10 Superheroes of Traffic Generation reveals 10 specific, road-tested strategies for generating more leads and traffic online.

“The truth is that new traffic sources emerge — and expire — almost every day. It’s no longer enough to learn how to market in one way. The most successful businesses today are leveraging several different traffic strategies to attract customers from across the web,” says Murgatroyd.


With this eBook, Murgatroyd and Gray compile 10 different, current approaches to traffic generation, so business owners can mix and match between strategies and create a diversified marketing strategy.


“Just as it’s important to have an investment plan that includes safe options like gold along risky yet high-growth stocks, it’s also important to have a diversified marketing plan. This approach allows business owners to minimize risk, maximize profits, and withstand changes in the online marketplace,” explains Gray.


The 10 current traffic strategies shared in the report, which is available for a limited time only – March 19 – April 4, 2014 – are:


1.     Leverage huge daily deal sites like Groupon or Livingsocial as a source of lead generation

2.     Understand the 4 specific ways people search online and tailor key words accordingly

3.     Utilize the newly-released Facebook call to action button to increase clicks on sponsored posts

4.     Approach joint ventures with the “triple win” approach to gain high-profile partners for events, summits and other collaborations

5.     Combine retargeting with pay per view (PPV) display advertising to get inexpensive clicks to a business website

6.     Syndicate Google Hangouts on 6 distinct channels to drive more traffic with a single piece of content

7.     Embed a Google Hangout on Air video inside a press release to boost rankings in the search engines

8.     Generate a lot of traffic at once to YouTube videos through 3 simple steps that ensure videos continue to get seen beyond the first few days after they are released

9.     Create quick surveys to segment web traffic in a way that delivers offers based on interests

10. Tell engaging stories online that get people to take action


“The 2014 Traffic Playbook elaborates on each of these 10 strategies so small businesses around the world can learn how to quickly and inexpensively find their market online,” Murgatroyd explains.

The report features strategies from 10 leading experts who have built successful online empires including:


• Harlan Kilstein, founder of The Dogington Post, now the Internet’s most popular destination for dog-lovers.


• Adam Urbanski, founder of the Marketing Mentors, who made his first online transaction in 1997 and did 50 joint venture webinars in a single year that resulted in over $1M in sales.

• Nathalie Lussier who turned down a job on Wall Street in favor of becoming a serial internet entrepreneur. She now teaches search engine optimization to other business owners.


• And Jo Barnes who teaches up and coming business owners how to create a business you can take with you, while running her business from Thailand.


Murgatroyd, Gray and the 10 traffic experts who have joined them, will also be offering 10 free live online training events that shares more how-to details on each strategy.


About Superhero Summit Co-Founders Marisa Murgatroyd and Murray Gray


Marisa Murgatroyd is the founder of branding and internet marketing agency Live Your Message and co-founder of Superhero Summits. She is also the creator of training programs Message to Money, Personal Brand Power and Hidden Story Power. As a former documentary filmmaker and non-profit creative director, Murgatroyd’s approach brings powerful messaging and storytelling to the world of internet marketing. At 4’11” and a quarter, she is known as the shortest woman in marketing. Her no-nonsense approach has earned her a reputation as a results-getter for high-profile clients such as Don Crowther, Alexis Neely, and Morgana Rae.


Murray Gray has been starting new technology businesses since 1996 that have pushed the envelope of what’s possible online. In 2000, Gray partnered with his best friend to create Job Secrets Revealed, one of the first information products in the job seeker industry. They generated over $1M in sales with a single eBook that’s still producing income today. Gray sold his second tech startup LiveMarkets in 2008, then continued on to create a series of new ventures with varying levels of successes, before joining another friend to start Your Property Club in England, which now grosses between £6-10 million British pounds a month. He now partners with Murgatroyd in Live Your Message and Superhero Summits, while launching tech businesses and blogging with his best friend on Pachow.com.

Together Murgatroyd and Gray co-founded Superhero Summits to bring vital business education to online entrepreneurs. They credit their use of new internet marketing strategies such as live Google Hangouts on Air and “retargeting” with their rapid growth and are now sharing the top strategies with the world.


Murgatroyd and Gray welcome speaking engagements, interview requests, and free downloads of their new report, “The 2014 Traffic Playbook.”


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