Playford Games Exhibiting Moral Conflict Team Strategy Games at GAMA

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( — March 19, 2014) Huntington Beach, California — Playford Games (Newport Beach, CA) is participating at GAMA for the first time as an exhibitor, showcasing all three of its Moral Conflict Team Strategy Games.  Moral Conflict 1941, Moral Conflict 1940 and Moral Conflict 1939 are part of the family of unique five-dimensional ‘realty change’ board games based on Second World War scenarios located at  But they are more than war games.  These five dimensional games incorporate military, economic, diplomatic, technology and moral conflicts in the play to create realistic historical battles for good and evil, and victory is won by effectively using all dimensions to outsmart other players or allies.


“Moral Conflict games take players to a new height in gaming because we offer many possibilities for decision making,” said David Stennett, Playford Games founder and game designer.  “Players get to experience different outcomes from these decisions.  This makes the games both entertaining and educational.”


“The most surprise thing about the Moral Conflict game,” said Brian Colon, a player in Orange County, CA and a father of two, “is that you are leading a country, not just an army.  It’s more interesting because it’s not just about fighting.”


Praised as “An Epic Game;. Alex and Allies on steroids” by Board Game Blogger Alex Berry in his video review of the game, Moral Conflict 1941 is the deluxe version of the three games designed for sophisticated war game players.  Moral Conflict 1940 offers players a more streamlined but still fast-paced experience while Moral Conflict 1939 is the simplest of all three games.


Playford Games will be displaying and demonstrating all three of its Moral Conflict games at Booth # during the GAMA trade show on Wednesday, March 18 and Thursday March 19, 2014.


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