Hot Tubs Fairfax, Clarksburg, MD Dealer Publishes Top 3 March Madness Party Tips

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Fairfax, VA 22030 – Capital Hot Tub with stores in Fairfax, VA and Clarksburg, MD has just released their annual list of party ideas for March madness“In the spring, March Madness parties abound.” said Joe Mahoney, president of Capital Hot Tubs.  “The problem is that they’re all basically the same year after year.  The thing is that all it takes a little extra imagination and work to make it stand out from the long line of parties,” continued Mahoney.


Here are three top March Madness party ideas that friends and family will be talking about all year:


Games and More Games – Of course, everyone will be glued to the television set during the basketball games, but many March Madness parties tend to slow down a lot or struggle to get started when the games aren’t on. Keep guests enthused and happy – play basketball trivia, trashcan free throw and other games that are inspired by the games on TV.


March Madness Music – Play music by the big groups headlining the March Madness festival. Everyone will enjoy feeling like they’re at the big events while listening to this year’s headlining acts. Add big party foods that will thrill friends and family, and the party will be going strong from start to finish.


Bring Home a Hot Tub and Spice Up Every Party – A hot tub will make every party, not just March Madness, a big hit. Sitting in the temperature controlled water of a hot tub while watching the games on a built in TV and enjoying the wonderful conversations with friends is great fun. Hot tubs are great party centerpieces all year long, and are just as much fun in the cold of winter and extreme heat of summer as they are in the spring at the March Madness parties.


“To help get local residents in the March Madness mood, we will provide free hot tub test soaks in our 2 locations during the entire month’ said Mahoney.  We suggest that consumers just call us ahead of time to schedule their free 30-minute soak so they can check out the benefits for themselves.”


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