Summer Deals From AMG Services Remodeling

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( — March 19, 2014) Dayton, Ohio — By Faith Porter


AMG Services remodeling of Dayton, Ohio recently announced that customers who receive an estimate before June first will be eligible for a ten-percent discount on home remodeling and additions during the summer of 2014. Discounts between two and ten percent will be awarded on a case by case basis, depending on the size and cost of each job.


“Our entire summer schedule is normally completely booked by the end of the winter,” says Jeff Beazley of AMG Services. “The economy of Dayton is still recovering from the depressed housing market, so recent summers have been slow. We’re offering the discounts to help give people an opportunity to invest in their properties at a fair price and to keep our workers busy through the season.”


According to the recent announcement from AMG Services, a ten-percent discount will be offered on contracts over $20,000 dollars. Smaller discounts will be available on based on the size of each contract. In order to be eligible for the discount, however, customers must receive an estimate prior to June first of this year.


“We’re really hoping to get some roofing jobs, and maybe a couple remodelng contracts,” says AMG Services contractor Jeff Beazley. “Back when the company consisted of just one crew, it didn’t take much to keep us all busy, but over the past sixteen years we’ve grown quite a bit. Now AMG Services has four crews and we can take on much bigger jobs. Even one large remodeling contract doesn’t take us too long to finish. The upside is that our customers receive service from a company with many more resources than in the past.”


AMG Services is currently giving free estimates and taking bids on a variety of remodeling and home repair jobs. Estimates of each customer’s discount will be included with each bid, and will be included in the final contract.