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( — March 20, 2014) Lincoln, Nebraska — By Tabith Warren


NeverBeBored.Net is proud to announce exclusive content from Scott Tucker’s upcoming book. The site will feature several of Tucker’s puzzles, logic questions, as well as a video interview with the author. The soon to be released book of math games by Scott Tucker will be called Math Is For Everyone, and will be available for purchase on


“Math gets a bad rap. People often say the word ‘hate’ in connection with it,” says Tucker. “I needed to change that.”


Mathemetician, professor, and author Scott Tucker has already published several successful math themed books for every age, including last year’s Math For Kids Who Hate Math. The author hopes to help others enjoy math.


“I was ecstatic to work with Scott Tucker, and to read every one of his books,” says Jonah Simpson, Founder of NeverBeBored.Net. “He’s extremely talented and intelligent, and somehow he’s can make anyone understand not only the basic concepts of math, but more importantly why math is vital to society and life as we know it. Not to mention his games are so fun you forget you’re learning math.”


The books consist of math games and puzzles, along with brief and easy to understand explanations of basic math concepts. Along with these explanations are stories about how math has affected the world and modern life, imbuing the reader with a sense of responsibility to learn math or at least to stop disparaging math in public.


“I tried so hard to get my teenager to love math when she first started high school,” says Scott Tucker. “There just wasn’t an easy way to do that, so I had to invent one. It was actually really inspiring, I had a purpose and a reason to share my love of math.”