AMG Services Offers 15% Off Spring Clean Up

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( — March 20, 2014) Gainsville, Florida — By Timmy Quinn


Arborists AMG Services recently announced a fifteen percent discount on all tree removal and tree care for residents of north central Florida during the spring of 2014.


According to AMG Services, spring clean up jobs make up a significant portion of the company’s annual revenue. Spring time is a second chance to take care of dead and diseased trees that were not removed during the winter.


Liam Michaelson commented on the importance of pruning trees before spring: “Plant growth is dormant during winter months, and that is the best time to prune trees without putting unneeded stress on the plants during the process. Also, during the winter, pests are less active and plants are less prone to disease.”


AMG Services offers discounts on tree removal during the spring, to encourage customers to make room for new growth in their landscapes.


“Removing dead and dying trees before spring hits in full force is important if homeowners and property maintainers want to make room for new additions to their landscape,” says Liam Michaelson of AMG Services. “Leaving a dead tree in your landscape throughout the summer is wasteful and dangerous. The spring time is a great time to plant new saplings once dead trees have been removed.”


Arborists AMG Services are currently scheduling spring appointments for tree care and landscaping. Certified arborists from AMG Services can diagnose and treat tree diseases and assist clients in creating tree care plans. AMG Services also assists customers with designing landscape architectures.


About AMG Services Arborists:


ISA Certified arborist Liam Michaelson founded AMG Services Arborists in 1985 and has served the north central region of Florida for nearly 30 years. The company employs five certified arborists and focuses on tree care in the region.