Sun Synergy For Spring.

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( — March 20, 2014) Osterville, MA — 


Two highly-respected Massachusetts-based businesses – Townsend Energy (  — long known as Townsend Oil & Propane) based in Danvers, and Cazeault Solar, based in Osterville on Cape Cod, have announced a unique strategic partnership. They are joining forces to share product knowledge, cost savings and installation expertise related to the growing residential and commercial solar energy industry, a sort of ‘sun synergy.’


Each family-owned business is over 80 years old and has built a reputation based on personal service and quality products. Townsend was launched in 1931; Cazeault Roofing, parent of Cazeault Solar, opened in 1927. The companies also share a philosophy: Their community involvement has helped to make them a part of the community rather than merely a business within it.


James Townsend, President of Townsend Energy, says, “With the dramatic growth in interest in solar energy, homeowners and commercial property owners regularly ask us if “going solar” is right for them.  We wanted to partner with respected experts who have already completed several hundred solar installations in the Bay State. Cazeault Roofing has installed more roofs than anyone else on Cape Cod, and has installed hundreds of solar systems.

Recognizing the need for environmental conservation, Townsend Energy has made a commitment to serving as a role model for environmental change, and to make energy conservation and education about global warming the cornerstone of the company’s corporate mission. “We want to inspire homeowners to embrace energy conservation measures to reduce their carbon footprint, and this is another step in our goal to inspire a cross-generational change in energy consumption behaviors at the grassroots level,” Townsend says.


According to Russell Cazeault of Cazeault Solar  (,  the numbers speak for themselves. “You can buy the solar system or you can lease it. Either way, the consumer makes out in the end thanks to tax incentives, energy credits, rebates, utility savings, and added value to your property. In every case, it’s a win-win for the customer and for the environment. Systems pay for themselves, products and installations have long-term guarantees, and we stand behind our workmanship.”


Cazeault notes that in the last 20 years, solar technology has become a major branch in environmental preservation. “This is important for environmentally conservative property owners and anyone who wants to cut their utility bills,” he says.  James Townsend  says Massachusetts ranks high in solar installations of all kinds. In fact, last year, it ranked 6th among states for non-residential installations. Townsend staff is ready to discuss solar energy options at the company’s main office, 27 Cherry Street, Danvers, and at its other locations. For more information, call 800.888.2888, or visit

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