Scott Tucker Kayaks Until He Raises $25,000

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( — March 21, 2014) Portland, Maine — News, entertainment, and general interest website Everything Entertaining recently reported that conservationist and television personality Scott Tucker will stay aboard his kayak in the Gulf of Maine this weekend until he successfully raises $25,000 to fund future Expedition New England episodes and documentaries.


According to the recent article, Scott Tucker has already filmed 102 documentaries in the past nine years, and has two more documentaries already planned and ready to begin after the fundraiser: a documentary featuring sharks, and a documentary that will raise awareness for endangered sea turtles.


Everything Entertaining reports that Scott Tucker will depart for Goose Island and Falkner’s Island at seven o’clock on Saturday morning to film seals residing on those islands. He will stay in his kayak until he receives confirmation that the fundraising goal has been met.


“Scott Tucker is serious about his mission, so we want to give him support,” says editor of Everything Entertaining, Neil Strong. “We’ve given him some coverage before because we think he puts out a really entertaining and important program, but this weekend’s expedition in the Gulf of Maine is on a whole other level, so we definitely want to get the word out.”


In the recent article, Everything Entertaining encouraged readers to donate to Expedition Earth Productions, Inc. (, Tucker’s production company for both Expedition New England episodes and documentaries.


“If our readers can make a difference in keeping this important show on the air, that will be a big win for us,” says Neil Strong of Everything Entertaining. “Making this kind of impact is big news. Everything and anything we can do to spread the word is vital. We want to see Scott Tucker come back to shore safely and we want to see what documentaries he creates next.”


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