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( — March 23, 2014) Huntington Beach, California — When Jake Harriman graduated from the United States Naval Academy and served multiple overseas tours in war-torn countries, he had the chance to see for himself how extreme poverty contributes to many global problems including terrorism.  Jake Harriman made a promise to himself that he would do something to help alleviate the suffering of those throughout the world who are living in these conditions. 


Today, his dream is realized in the formation of Nuru International’s social innovation projects, which can be seen at  This company is dedicated to relieving poverty-related problems throughout the world.  To date, Nuru International, through a series of social ventures highlighted at has focused on Kenya and Ethiopia as countries that are particularly vulnerable and have the greatest need for intervention, and the organization has managed to make great strides in these two locations.


Nuru International has helped many people living in extreme poverty overcome obstacles to a better life by building self-sustaining, integrated development models based on the agricultural economy in place in these regions.  To date, Nuru International ‘s social entrepreneur programs seen at have helped local leaders design, implement and sustain high-impact developments such as food security, health and literacy interventions and financial stability through revenue-generating businesses that impact thousands of lives.  


Nuru International does not simply “throw money at a problem” and turn away from the final results.  Instead, this company utilizes a model that contains three main program types:  sustainability, impact and support.  Nuru representatives start by listening to the needs of the people and working collaboratively with the people in the area to address those needs.  The company has adapted and utilized techniques from the most successful international organizations to find solutions to identified issues including world poverty.  Because of its attention to real-life solutions, Nuru International has been called the “general contractor of the best, most scalable solutions in fighting poverty.”


Nuru International address the problems of hunger, economic development, healthcare and education.  Those interested in donating to NI can find more information at the organization’s website, located at www.


About Nuru International:  Nuru International was founded by Marine Jake Harriman, a platoon commander and recipient of the Bronze Star.  Dedicated to fighting the problems associated with extreme poverty, Nuru International has seeded sustainable programs that address real problems and realistic solutions in some of the world’s most poverty-stricken areas.  A graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of business, Jake Harriman’s dream is to build an organization that could rid the world of extreme poverty in this generation.


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