Flowers & Company: Best Florist In Houston TX

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( — March 25, 2014) Pasadena, Texas — Based on an online opinion poll, Flowers & Company has been formally awarded the title “Best Florist In Houston, TX”.


The overall results of a brand-new web ballot in which respondents were asked to name “Best Florist In Houston, TX” generated what some would be likely claim was a really foreseeable result, of all the Houston flower shops, Flower & Company was selected over any other recognized name in Houston, TX.


For almost thirty years, Flowers & Company has been a constant in an ever-changing marketplace. Based in Pasadena, TX, this Houston flower shop delivers everywhere in the metropolitan area as well as worldwide.


“Excellent customer service is our top priority,” stated Bryan Aaron, president of Flowers & Company. “We pride ourselves to be a valuable member of the Houston- area community.”


The survey and subsequently, the naming of “Best Florist In Houston, TX” was founded quickly after an intense discussion blossomed about just who in Houston would ultimately be able to claim that distinction. In an attempt to keep the contest impartial to all locals, the opinion poll was carried out on the Internet and the winner was determined by floral customers and peers themselves.


After initiating the ballot, there seemed to be a ferocious competition for the title of “Best Florist In Houston, TX” based on all the Houston flower shops in the area, but after the results were counted, there was a distinct and undeniable winner of the desired title. Soon after the poll ended, Flowers & Company was unveiled as the official “Best Florist In Houston, TX”.


People questioned about the survey seemed to have split reaction to Flower & Company making the claim of the disputed title, varying from pure disbelief that one Houston flower delivery service could be so well liked, to complete agreement over the florist in Houston peers and floral customers had decided upon.


Flowers & Company was most likely established as “Best Florist In Houston, TX” by floral customers and colleagues in large part as a result of the hard work the company has completed for their local area flower delivery service efforts. As a distinguished Houston flower shop that concentrates on the quality of flowers and great customer service, making the claim of the official title was not unusual to a good bulk of the people who participated.


Flowers & Company can be reached at (281) 487-1896 and


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