Milholland Electric Introduces Solar Panel Maintenance Services

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( — March 25, 2014) San Diego, California — Customers taking advantage of solar power in San Diego at know that installing solar panels will save them money while drastically reducing their carbon footprint, an effort that helps our environment.  However, many are unaware of the cleaning and maintenance required to keep solar panels in excellent condition. For instance, the lack of rain in the San Diego area makes dust accumulation a real threat to energy efficiency. Over time, exposure to heat can cause the wires that connect the solar panels to the inverter to sag, and if left unrepaired can lead to shorts and interruptions in electrical service.


Milholland Electric, specialists in solar panel installation in San Diego at, not only provides the best solar options for Southern California customers but also offers routine care and maintenance to ensure solar panels perform at their best. Leading the way for solar installation in San Diego at since 1990, Milholland’s highly trained team conducts thorough solar panel cleanings and inspections, including cleaning all debris from top to bottom, visually inspecting all components of the solar system, and testing performance to make sure the system meets the statewide efficiency standards.


Regularly-scheduled cleanings and maintenance checks by the professionals at Milholland Electric keep solar systems running more efficiently now and prevents more costly problems later, meaning the environment, as well as the customer’s return on the investment, are better protected.


About Us: Serving San Diego, Southern California, and Arizona, Milholland Electric has provided energy solutions for property owners since 1990. Milholland Electric’s expert team offers a variety of services, from solar panel installation to system cleaning and maintenance.

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