St. Joseph MI Chiropractor Redesigns Website to Help Patients

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( — March 27, 2014) St. Joseph, Michigan — St. Joseph MI chiropractor and Southwest Michigan native Dr. Peter Gelesko has announced the completion of a website redesign and overhaul for his office.  The goal of the website overhaul was to simplify it and make it more streamlined so that patients could find the information they are looking for with minimal effort. 


The new design highlights the three main services that are offered at Oakridge Center for Health, which is the name of Dr. Gelesko’s St. Joseph MI chiropractic office. The new website design has been structured to highlight those services specifically.  Here’s what Dr. Gelesko had to say about the redesign: “I’m really excited about the new look and layout of our website.  The goal was to simplify it and remove any unnecessary clutter so that visitors can quickly identify what we offer and get a feel for how we approach patient care in our office.”  Highlights of those three main services are as follows:


Chiropractic Services:  Dr. Gelesko’s approach to chiropractic is a little different than what most chiropractic patients are accustomed to.  He believes that proper spinal function requires an equal balance between muscle function and joint movement and he utilizes several different techniques when treating his patients.  From time tested traditional techniques to advanced modern day techniques based on the latest research, Dr. Gelesko works to find what approaches his patients respond best to and then focuses on maximizing those treatment techniques.  This requires him to spend a significant amount of time with every patient on every visit, something many patients are not accustomed to. 


Nutritional Testing:  Dr. Gelesko’s office is a Science Based Nutrition certified office.  They utilize a combination of blood, urine and hair tests to determine the metabolic status of patients.  Once these results are analyzed, a comprehensive nutritional plan can be determined which is unique to each individual patient.  With retesting, they are able to track the effectiveness of a patient’s nutritional program and continually make modifications to the program as needed.


Massage Therapy in St. Joseph, MI:  Oakridge Center for Health also has massage therapists on site.  These highly skilled therapists utilize a variety of techniques including: deep tissue massage, sports massage, Swedish massage, hot stone massage and pregnancy massage.  They are also able to work directly with Dr. Gelesko on some cases where the massage is included as part of the patients insurance benefits.

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