Hiking Backroads in NC and Georgia Mountains

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(Newswire.net — April 14, 2014). Dunedin, Florida. Turning off your GPS device can actually help you find unique spots in the backroads less traveled locations when it comes to hiking and fishing in the North Carolina-Northeast Georgia mountain and state parks including waterfall experiences. 


When it comes to finding your favorite North Carolina -Northeast Georgia  mountains and state parks spots, which have to include trails and waterfalls, hiking enthusiasts  Ralph and Marge Heller of Cherry Log, GA. share a ’secret’ you most likely don’t know about.


They actually turn off their GPS device and smart phone and rely on special unique maps to find the back roads less traveled approach. If you’re looking for the best hiking and adventure spots, Ralph Heller, a member of The Benton MacKaye Trail Association, www.bmta.org, says they’re off the ‘beaten-path’ and can be hard to find. GPS devices can be inconsistent at best and many of the best spots like waterfalls, fishing spots, and hiking trails aren’t listed on the best of maps. They don’t have a ‘street address’ or “zip code’ to themselves so many of these locations are missed by the adventurer in these unique  areas.


According to Jeanne Matheny, president and creative map designer of Backroads  Less Traveled, what hikers and family adventurers are looking for more, is what to do in these unique locations once they find them. These neat ‘out of the way ”spots  are simply little known but  very inviting and if you have been to such locations like  the top of Buck Bald in western North Carolina or seen  Elk in the Cataloochee Valley, or  in Northeast Georgia, walked across  the 260 foot suspension bridge over the Toccoa River, you know what I mean. And then there’s also the Appalachian Trail itself a perennial favorite. 


Our maps are unique and list key location spots and favorites not found on regular maps. Having been there and spoken to many of the locals and finding these ‘favorite’ locations has made the hiking, waterfall, and fishing experience with our maps more enhancing and worthwhile. Finding the unique and exciting locations and spots off the backroads is truly an unique experience you need to experience personally.


And according to Ralph Heller: ”The Backroads Less Traveled maps show these locations well so are perfect for framing and display  in our cabin. Our framed maps have become a focal point for our family guests to plan their next adventures. Backroads Less Traveled  maps help you find what you have been missing!


For more information on these unique maps contact Robert Cisco at Cisco Kid Marketing or call Jeanne Matheny of Backroads Less Traveled at 706-970-0753 or e mail at info@backroadslesstraveled.com.



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