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( — April 5, 2014)  

Anna Vandlandingham, (Anna V.) of Orlando, Florida has spread her wings as an academician who taught advanced placement economics to now teaching “advanced placement” social media science.  A student nonetheless of a discipline that seems to harness the Generation Y folk, Anna V. has jumped into the proverbial “melting pot” which like her past expertise in macroeconomics, is constantly changing. Her penchant for depth of knowledge and learning is only supplanted by her quest for perfection in whatever endeavor she chooses. 

Humble to the core, Anna V. recognizes the need for being as much a student as a teacher to the audience of 21st Century businesses.  On Monday, April 14th, from 5:00 to 7:00pm in Tampa, Anna V. will be offering a Pinterest tutorial at McAlister’s Deli Westshore, located at 4410 W. Boy Scout Blvd, Suite 150 (inside the Synovus Bank building), where she will be sharing her knowledge of utilizing Pinterest in your business that is apropos for applications designed specifically for you. 

Participants will be asked to bring their laptops as this 2 hour session will be a “hands on” workshop that gets the “fingers on the keyboard” in order to fast track the learning experience.  Anna V. will also be offering a follow up to all attendees at a later point to ensure a solid grasp of her concepts and Pinterest tools.  “I want people to really understand what I am teaching and believe that a free follow up encourages that notion of my commitment.” states Anna V.    For a nominal fee of $50.00, this is an opportunity of a lifetime.

Born and raised in Mississippi, Anna V. has a diverse background of interests internationally in Asia and the Caribbean.  Coaching girls’ basketball while attaining a litany of academic and teaching awards, it is no wonder that this Pinterest expert is the right choice to share such an extensive field of knowledge in this social media jungle.  Her goal is to demystify and untangle the knots that most are stopped in their tracks while attempting to proceed.  While most recently spending time with Anna V., it is obvious that she engages her audience and makes her material fun, interesting, and easy to learn, while offering a tremendous sense of success and satisfaction from time with her leadership. 

Contact details for this special event are: (407) 421-3541 or Email to reserve your spot for this opportunity.