Advanced Water Filters Introduces 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee and 5-Year Warranty

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( — April 5, 2014) Tempe, Arizona –Tap water these days is always a surprise. In some areas, it may seem perfectly acceptable to drink, in others, it is too hard, too soft, too full of sulfur, too full of local pollutants. Even in the places where families have been told that their water is okay to drink from the tap, there is still the chance to filling up a water glass to find floating particulates and murk or even one that looks clean and clear but contains nonvisible pollutants. Advanced Water Filters has solutions for those problems. 

More than a company who sells small pitcher filtration systems or the type which attaches to one sink, Advanced Water Filters sells the best whole house water filtration systems at Through their whole house water filter system at, Advanced Water Filters source a family home with over 2,000 gallons of clean water throughout the entire house. And, because


Advanced Water Filters is dedicated to full customer satisfaction both short term and long term, they offer 90-day money back guarantee, along with a full 5-year warranty. What this ought to tell prospective customers is that if Advanced Water Filters is willing to stake that much money on the line, they must fully believe that they do indeed have the best whole house water filter at on the market today. Other filters on the market make a clean sweep of water, removing good minerals as well as toxins. This does no good for bodies that need those positive minerals to maintain healthy pH levels.

Advanced Water Filters screens the water of the negative but leaves the positive behind, providing water that is both clean and healthy. There is no healthier or smarter financial choice for water filtrations systems than a whole house filtration system from Advanced Water Filters.


About Advanced Water Filters: Advanced Water Filters is a company that is dedicated to providing clean, fresh and healthy water for families through whole-house and independent point systems.

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