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(Newswire.net — April 5, 2014) Englewood, Colorado

A local Realtor has been formally named Aurora’s Top Real Estate Agent.

The latest web-based survey results are in where respondents were asked to determine the Top Real Estate Agent in Aurora, Colorado.  The results yielded, what some here would definitely say was basically a foreseeable outcome.  A local very experienced and well known Real Estate Agent was selected above any other recognized name in Aurora Real Estate.


The survey and eventually, the naming of the Top Local Real Estate Agent was set up after a debate was started about exactly who in Aurora would actually be able to claim the title.  In an attempt to help keep the opinion poll impartial to all local Realtors, the poll was set up on the internet and the winner was decided upon by other Real Estate Experts themselves.  You could search Aurora, Colorado real estate listings and his name would pop up many times.  Many Aurora Properties have been sold over the years by this agent.


Just after creating the survey, there were a large number of Agents whose names came up for the distinction of Best Real Estate Agent, but the results were verified; there was a clear winner of the title.  The winner was notified immediately.  One of the main reasons this Agent won was his two very helpful websites.  One is for Home Buyers. And the other is for people wanting to Sell Their Home. 


This Agent also takes pride in helping their clients with several Free Special Reports. These Special Reports were the key to them winning the title of Top Real Estate Agent in Aurora.  They are a great help to anyone buying a home or selling a home.  There are Six reports in all.


The first special report covers “39 Tips on How to Fix Up Your Home For a Quick Sale”.  It is essentially a quick and easy checklist of inexpensive ways to make buyers instantly attracted to your home.  Each year seasoned homeowners lose thousands of dollars because they didn’t know about the important factors that influence the value of their homes.  This report lists out 39 individual tips that you can use to fix up your home and be able to make a quick sale.  There are inexpensive ways to accomplish this that can end up saving you thousands in the long run.


The second report, “Seven Ways to Save Thousands When Financing Your Next Home” is a must read. It does pay to do a little homework.  Your understanding about home financing can mean the difference of making or losing tens of thousands of dollars.  Here, the agent explains in detail, seven different ways you can save thousands of dollars by just understanding the basics about financing your next home.  Learn insider secrets the mortgage lenders use to take money out of your pocket.


 The third report covers what the “Top 10” First Time Homebuyers Mistakes Are, and How to avoid them.  This expert Aurora real estate professional has written this report primarily for the First-Time Homebuyer and goes on to tell not only what each mistake is, but how to avoid making them.


The fourth report goes into “4 Quick Ways To Buy a Home With Little Down”.  Explore New Federal Government Programs, use your tax refund, ask a relative or friend and take advantage of the gift tax laws or find ways to have the seller finance you. These are just a few of the many ways to get into your new home with little down.  


The fifth report lists the “Five Steps You Must Take to Sell Your Home in this Market and Get Top Dollar”.  This agent goes into detail explaining how to understand what your market is doing, the direction it is going and how to get all of the facts.  They go over how to set the right price and where and how to advertise for maximum exposure.


The sixth report tells “How to Avoid Six Costly Mistakes When You Go to Sell Your Home.  A must read, this single report could save you a whole lot of time and disappointment.  It explains “Revealing Too Much to the Buyers” to “Pricing Your Home Incorrectly”.


All six of these Free Special Reports were compiled by this agent and are likely the single most important factor in their winning this title.  If you would like a copy of these reports, they are yours just for the asking.  No obligation what so ever, just click on the link Free Special Reports.


The local Realtors surveyed concerning the ballot appeared to have split responses to this Agent making a claim of the highly sought after title, varying from utter shock that one particular Agent could be so well liked amongst his peers to complete amazement that any Agent, that was so experienced, knowledgeable and professional wouldn’t have won in a heartbeat, hands down.  A large majority of the individuals who participated were not surprised at all.


After the final results were known, this Agent stated “To be honest, I didn’t even know that there was a poll going on.”  “I’m absolutely amazed that so many people even know my name.”  “I advertise on bus benches and send out direct mail postcards.  That must be the reason, so many are familiar with my name!”


“Hearing that other Agents here in Aurora actually identified me as the Top Realtor is not only an honor, it is also a privilege.”  “Many thanks to all the local Real Estate Agents, that participated in the vote.”


“I feel it is really important to make local information about Aurora, Colorado available to all my clients.”  “Here is some of the statistical information about our local area.”


Before you buy in an area, you should learn as much as you can about it.  Aurora, Colorado is located in Arapahoe County.  Nearby cities and towns include Castle Rock, Denver, Elizabeth, Highlands Ranch, Littleton and Parker.  Aurora is an urban community that has a population of around 325,000. 


The median household income is just over $50,000.  55% of residents are married and have families with children.  Over half of the population of Aurora, commutes 25 minutes or more to work every day.  80% of residents hold white collar jobs.


The average age of a home in Aurora, Colorado is 22 years with 60% owned, 32% rented and 8% not occupied.  The median sale price of an Aurora home last year was $138,000.


See why this Realtor was voted Top Real Estate Agent in Aurora, Colorado.  They are courteous, professional and above all very knowledgeable when it comes to any information about real estate in Aurora and surrounding cities.  They are willing to share this information with anyone from First-Time Homebuyers to Sellers that want to downsize, upsize or just need additional information about the Aurora, Colorado real estate market.


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