Are you too boring for Facebook?

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( — April 6, 2014) Bournemouth, DORSET

The ideal scenario for all businesses with a fanpage is that every post is seen by everyone and their phones will not stop ringing from all the orders they get as a result.

We know that this is not going to happen in reality.

With the growth of facebook the competition for feed space is at such a level that people are inundated and will not read everything in the time limited lifestyle we lead today.

Facebook is so big now and you have so many friends, that the news feed has become too crowded and chaotic to be interesting or useful to anyone:

Likes on Facebook increase at a rate of 50% per year.

An average user has 1,500 posts coming into their news feed every day.

Some users with lots of friends have 15,000 posts to see each day.

But people only have time to read a few dozen posts.

It’s simple math: The more crowded Facebook becomes, the smaller the percentage of everything you’re going to see there.

Facebook has acted in a response to this situation of limited space and massive amount of content by filtering the feeds in an attempt to show the most relevant and interesting posts at the top with the spam and garbage at the bottom.

In other words, Facebook want interesting compelling content that people will like, comment on and engage with.

If you are boring by putting up ads then you will be punished by having your post sent to the bottom of the feed where nobody will ever see it.

This has upset many businesses as their reach has declined in some cases 50% in the past year.

Facebook is trying to protect the quality of the News Feed because its long-term success depends on it.

Facebook’s ability to earn money showing ads and pursue its mission to connect the world hinges on people coming back because they see interesting content there and don’t get bored.

The solution to increase the reach and visibility is to pay for ads with Facebook now allowing them to appear in the feed and the mobile feed, and buying these have become a simple process.

For businesses who are not boring and not on Facebook click this link.