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( — April 6, 2014) Englewood, Colorado — Local Real Estate Agents can now Rank in the top 10 searches for the  “Top Realtor in their City”. 


This is great news to those Real Estate Agents that have been going crazy to get into the top rankings on Googles Search for Web, News and Video.  The company that is making this available is New Method, LLC.  They have been in the Lead Generation Business for real estate agents for the past 25 years. 


Their Owner and Managing Member is Bruce Rogat.  He has just completed a course in Press Release Marketing and is extremely excited about this new product. 


The Direct Mail Postcard business has been his main way of advertising for the real estate agents over those past 25 years.  Email was tried but proven not to work as a national third party marketing initiative.  “The Junk and Spam Filters just made it impossible to properly market the Realtors”  said Mr. Rogat in a recent interview.  He went on to say that “if there was a way to get the top spots in Google Search without having to pay the high Pay Per Click charges it would open up a whole new world of Lead Generation for Local Realtors in every city throughout the United States.


Most of the major real estate lead generation companies charge up to $50 per lead.  That is still very inexpensive if the lead is good and results in a sale, but most of those companies sell the leads to three or four agents in the same area and then the agents have to fight over the client and sometimes lower their commissions to the point that it is not worth doing business.


This new product is exclusive to only one real estate agent in a city, so they get all of the leads generated by the Press Releases and Video Presentations.  There is a huge amount of work that goes into developing each and every News Release.  Videos have to be created, Press Releases themselves have to be written, Keyword Research has to be done, backlinks have to be made, Landing Pages and Websites have to be made, emails and autoresponders have to be set up. 


It is a lot more work that one might expect.  Just the learning curve to be able to do all of the internet functions is enormous.  New Method, LLC is fortunate to have quite a few employees that have been with them in the 15 -25 year range that are experts in these fields. 


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Bruce Rogat


New Method, LLC

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