How To Safely Get Your Lasik Eye Surgery

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( — April 7, 2014) London, London — When looking to get your shortsightedness permanently fixed using LASIK surgery, it is vital that you go in with your eyes open (pun intended!). There are a range of services offered to you, if you want your lenses permanently fixed with laser eye surgery, from a wide array of eye surgeons, opticians and private enterprises. 


LASIK eye surgery is a great option for eliminating the need to wear glasses. No longer do you have to worry about waking up with fuzzy vision. If your kids come to give you a hug, you don’t have to pull away to stop your spectacles becoming squashed or bent as they come in to give you a smacker. 


The procedure can be relatively cost effective, if you consider that spectacles can easily set you back £300 and you may well need to change your specs every few years. 


In the correct hands, the procedure is safe. However, the key phrase is in the correct hands. You will be wise to not got for the low cost option as their business model is often built around high volume and not high safety. 


Your eyes are one of your most valuable assets and it can be a false economy to simply opt for the cheapest, high street, best advertised option. 


Consultant Ophthalmologist, Mr Romesh Angunawela, who works at the world famous Moorfields Eye Hospital details how you could make better decisions regarding your Lasik eye surgery. He offers Lasik eye surgery both on the NHS as well as being a private Lasik eye surgeon in London. Hear what he has to say in his video:


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