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( — April 8, 2014) Clayton, NC — For the first time this year, home maintenance pays off big time for Clayton NC homeowners when a local custom home builder, Clayton Home Contractors, is offering his DIY Cheat Sheet of home maintenance tips.  Tom Marion Jr, and his father, are local home contractors for over 13 years in the triangle area.  In expanding to Clayton for home improvement work, this free home maintenance guide is a way to introduce themselves and provide a valuable gift.  Anyone can request this DIY cheat sheet by visiting our website or calling.


Our goal is to provide top quality, professional service and helping everyone that wants to keep their homes in good shape, since this always delivers a huge pay off for the homeowners.  Home improvements can be organized and affordable, Clayton Home Contractors put together this home maintenance guide to do just that.


This quick read cheat sheet has helped many local residents save and have their projects pay off in increasing their home values.  Tom Jr. strives to help local homeowners whenever possible so that everyone benefits.  Most DIY home maintenance is relatively simple, however some home improvements require professional work, such as electrical issues.


Clayton Home Contractors is pleased to provide this information and make available special discounts and coupons for various home improvements.  We encourage all residents and commercial businesses to enquire.  We specialize mainly in home repairs while also historical renovations.  We have found through the years that a lot of homeowners forget a lot of maintenance issues to check for.  Some that could have been avoided had a simple home inspection been done.  By simply doing your own home inspection with this guide which puts these main items into a spreadsheet for an easy, organized quick view. One could have avoided many of these issues or had prevented even bigger ones.  All topics are covered in the cheat sheet from your exterior to your interior.  We also offer a more detailed home maintenance reference guide – which also breaks down the maintenance checklist into seasons.  This detailed home maintenance reference guide comes with our free estimates since we also can do a quick inspection for you.  We also provide our customers with a home maintenance plan, especially those seniors that want to keep on a timely schedules.


While this doesn’t necessarily mean all homeowners are qualified to fix everything, it certainly can help to have a home maintenance guide handy for using.  And as an example, seeing a water stain on a ceiling in a remote area of your home early enough may just help to prevent an even larger expense.  Remember too that your home is worth keeping in good shape, no matter what the real estate market is doing.  All home improvements pay off for the homeowner, either in selling for a higher price or because your life is more enjoyable in your home.  All things considered, we are happy to provide Clayton homeowners with this valuable gift just for asking and are here to help keep your home and neighborhoods in great shape.





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