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( — April 8, 2014) Orlando, FL. — Global Vacation Network was the proud sponsor of the Project Walk Spinal Cord 2014 Charity Auction. The charity Project Walk® Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Center is known as the world’s leader in spinal cord injury recovery. This charity that has treated clients in more than thirty different countries on six continents strives to provide an improved quality of life for people suffering from a spinal cord injury. The Project Walk treatment is carried out through intense activity-based recovery programs, training, education, plus research and development.


The Project Walk Charity organization understands that each and every client has special needs that have to be considered, because of this they provide a variety of programs that have been designed to best meet those needs to optimize their clients’ chances for recovery. Options that the Project Walk Charity offers include both home recovery options and facility recovery options that provide different levels of support.



The Project Walk Charity have the following mission and vision statements:



The following are Global Vacation Network founder Terry Diegel with the Project Walk Charity Executive Director Thomas Eddy:




Letter from Project Walk Spinal Cord Organization:





Global Vacation Network Sponsors at the Project Walk Spinal Cord Charity Event:





Project Walk Spinal Cord Charity Event Client list:




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