Rockland County’s Chiropractor of the Year

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( — April 8, 2014) Garnerville, NY — Garnerville N.Y. Dr.Anthony Lauro has been named Chiropractor of the Year by his peers in Rockland County. He was unaware that he been nominated. He thought that someone was pulling an April Fools Day Joke.

 In private practice for almost 25 years he has maintained the highest level of care for his patients. Patient satisfaction has been among the highest in Rockland County a recent survey showed. He is rather modest and self-deprecating whch may account for his success.

 Dr.Lauro is the son of a chiropractor Fredrick Lauro who practiced 57 years. They recently opened a bigger office in garnerville three miles down the road from the old office.

 He is also knwon for the Stay Fit Senior Program that enncourages senior citizens to exercise more often in a completly safe supported environment. The program has spread to over 28 offices in the North East.

 Chiropractic care has never been more important as it is today. People need to stay in the game says Dr.lauro. People today are used to taking a pill but everyone knows that a pill wil not fix the problem. The chiropractors role is to restore balance to the body by removing nerve interference. The nerve interference prevents the body from functioning at the highest levels. The adjustment is what chiropractors call their treatment. The adjustment allows the body to operate better. Better structure leads to better function. 

 Chiropractic can help senior citizens stay active and on their feet.Lauro is dedicated to bringing his message of increased vitality to everyone through chiropractic. After 25 years of practice he is still going strong.

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