Celebrity Dummies Discusses The Most Famous “Dummy” In History

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(Newswire.net — April 10, 2014)  –Tampa, Florida—Charlie McCarthy is probably the best-known ventriloquist doll in history, thanks to Edgar Bergen’s unique and original use of this dummy in his famous radio program. In fact, the doll became so entwined with the man that you rarely hear one mentioned without the other. Today, generations of young comedians can try their hand at ventriloquism with a Charlie McCarthy dummy from Celebrity Dummies, located on the web at http://www.celebritydummies.com/. 


Charlie McCarthy dolls from Celebrity Dummies at http://www.celebritydummies.com/charlie-mccarthy/ are the real thing. They feature all of the accessories made famous in this dummy’s act, including his tuxedo, top hat and monocle that mark him as a “man about town.” Even those who are not interested in comedic history find Charlie McCarthy iconic, but for those who have studied the history of American entertainment, the story is fascinating.

Charlie and Edgar began their career in vaudeville but quickly moved to radio programming. From 1937 until 1956, families all over the country gathered around to listen to the antics of this comedic duo. Charlie was a real person to many of these families, a man who had a crush on the pretty singer and hosted famous celebrities of the day such as Judy Garland and Mae West on his radio show. He also had a long-running feud with W.C. Fields, the sharp-tongued comedian, that delighted audiences.

Charlie and Edgar were also featured in several movies and Bergen eventually won an wooden “Oscar” for his fascinating friend. The duo’s final appearance was the The Muppet Movie in 1979.
Today, the original Charlie can be seen in the Smithsonian Institution. For those who want to own an authentic replica of this amazing doll, Celebrity Dummies offers a real “Charlie McCarthy” dummy. Read more about this fascinating doll at http://blog.celebritydummies.com/dummies/charlie-mccarthy/.

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