Yes, You Can Finally Say Goodbye to Diaper Rash

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( — April 10, 2014) Eagle, ID ID, USA – The ever so common problem you and every other parent battles with has officially been resolved! Say goodbye to diaper rash once and for all.


By taking a proactive approach and using several proven successful techniques in combination with a good healing and protecting diaper cream you will be able to eliminate one and for all diaper rash.


The War on Diaper Rash


Every baby gets diaper rashes for a variety of reasons. These bright red rashes result when your baby’s skin is exposed to prolonged wetness due to wet or dirty diaper. The most commonly identified cause is the diaper that your baby is wearing!


Diaper rash occurs when your baby’s wet skin rubs against the diaper and then bacteria begins to penetrate. Since your baby’s skin is in contact with the diapers all day long plus the chemicals mixed with the excess moisture (urine typically) that are in the diaper causes a reaction against your baby’s sensitive skin.


Major causes of diaper rashes include:


  • Excess of moisture
  • Irritation from stool and urine
  • Introduction of new foods
  • Irritation from a new product such as detergents or fabric softeners
  • Excess bacteria or yeast (fungal) infection
  • Exposure to artificial preservatives, fragrances and petroleum based ingredients
  • Baby wipes that contain artificial preservatives and fragrance can causes skin irritation


14 Ways to Prevent or Treat Nappy Rashes


  1. Change your baby’s diapers more frequently
  2. Clean your baby’s bottom with plain water at every diaper change
  3. Use natural and safe baby soap that is gentle on your baby’s skin
  4. Try different brands of disposable diapers or switch to cloth diapers
  5. Wipe stool and urine right away
  6. If you’re using cloth nappies, change it often and avoid putting plastic pants over them
  7. Rinse all washed nappies thoroughly. Make sure there are no traces of detergents and chemicals. Dry it thoroughly.
  8. Rinse cloth diapers to remove irritants
  9. Avoid putting baby powder in your baby’s bottom
  10. Use baby wipes without alcohol or fragrant content in them. Alcohol stings badly on damaged skin.
  11. Use a barrier cream to keep wetness away from baby’s skin.
  12. Use the best and natural diaper rash treatment for instant relief
  13. Air-out your baby’s bottom naturally before putting a new diaper
  14. Pat the skin dry and let the area in the open air


Using the right diaper cream


One very good and extremely effective diaper cream is Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm. It is specially formulated for your baby’s sensitive bottom. This wonderful diaper cream contains premium organic herbal ingredients that are proven to prevent and heal skin rashes and irritations. Several good ingredients found in this diaper cream are:


  • Tea Tree Oil:  known as a miracle oil that heals skin-related infections and irritations
  • Chamomile: an antioxidant that soothes skin irritation, redness, bumps, and inflammation
  • Lavender: one of the best known healing oil for babies and little ones with a calming scent. This gentle oil works to soothe baby’s sensitive burning skin from a diaper rash or over all skin irritation.
  • Calendula Oil: a magical ingredient that provides sensitive skin with wonderful healing, hydrating, nourishing and soothing properties.


Other good ingredients found in this diaper cream include:


  • Organic Olive Oil
  • Organic St. John’s Wort
  • Organic Chickweed
  • Shea Butter
  • Organic Jojoba Oil
  • Myrrh
  • Vitamin E
  • Organic Plantain


About Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Bottom Balm


A little layer goes a long way! This award winning diaper cream will help you successfully defeat diaper rashes and even will protect your baby’s skin against flare-ups. It is the only organic diaper rash cream that specially made for your babies’ delicate skin. It easily soothes painful diaper rash, scratches, burns and other itches while fighting the bacterial and yeast growth. You can also use this balm as a great family first aid treatment for minor rashes, burns, cuts, scrapes, insect bites and more.


You can learn more by viewing a brief informative video on this diaper cream here.


  • Amazing healing bottom balm for diaper rash
  • Works miracles on existing diaper rash
  • Creates a protective barrier from excess moisture and bacteria
  • Made with organic ingredients
  • Clinically and allergy-tested
  • Non-irritating
  • 100% toxin-free (no parabens)
  • Awarded Natural Solutions Editor’s Pick for Diaper Cream in the 2009 Beauty with a Conscience Award


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