Freddie and Sebbie’s New Stroller Organizer Makes American Moms Happy!

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( — April 11, 2014) Las Vegas, NV — 


A new Freddie and Sebbie’s Stroller Organizer is the consumer market today that will make moms all over America very happy. Thanks to the company’s newly released designer black baby stroller organizer that comes with a whole lot of features to include extra cup holders ideal for drinks, sippy cups, water bottles, and baby bottles – all guaranteed to keep one’s baby stroller accessories safe and secure.


The other great features that offer moms awesome convenient and storage facilities, according to the product’s spokesperson, Neil Speight, include:


• Perfectly designed to fit all strollers
• Made with the strongest materials available
• Won’t tear or rip like the cheap ones you see on the market
• Two insulated drink holders
• Large middle compartment and three extra pockets.
• Stays firmly fixed to your stroller handles
• Straps fasten securely to handles and adjust for angle and width


As a name consumers has come to trust and love, Freddie and Sebbie aimed is to continue providing mothers and caregivers the highest quality, value for money baby products.


This new Stroller Organizer is the latest high quality, value for money baby product that we have put out on the market. If nothing else, parents will find it the perfect solution for carrying snacks, drinks and a whole lot more,” said Neil.


“For those persons who have always wanted a product that would help them stay super organized, plus keeping your kids quite, they need not look any further than our newly released Stroller Organizer,” added Neil. He believes the product is the perfect solution for having all the kids essentials right at hand, which makes life much easier for adults when out with your kids.


Freddie and Sebbie Stroller Organizer features two extra-large cup holders that stretch to fit most sippy cups, water bottles, and baby bottles. “Its large centre compartment with strong Velcro fastener is also ideal for storing your personal items such as keys, camera and other goodies,” noted the product spokesperson.


Additionally, the Freddie and Sebbie Stroller Organizer comes with three extra pockets, large front zip compartment where you can store diapers, baby wipes, purse and other baby items. Top centre mesh zip pocket, perfect for storing pacifiers and other small items. “Its middle mesh pocket ideal for storing your cell phone,” said the Freddie and Sebbie co-founder.


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About Freddie and Sebbie
Freddie and Sebbie is a brand new company about to launch selling high quality, value for money baby products.


We are two brothers in our 40′s, married (not to each other) with six children between us, the youngest of which are two baby twins called “Freddie and Sebbie”.


We personally have spent a small fortune on baby products and accessories, and in our search for high quality, value for money goods we have found some great products we can share, so we decided to start a business offering them to other parents.


We are certain you’re going to love the products, and we all personally use them with our own children.







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