What is the breakthrough hair treatment known as “Liquid Gold?”

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(Newswire.net — April 11, 2014) Eagle, ID — Are you familiar with the terms “cheer volume”, “damage repair”, “daily moisture” and “hydrating fusion”? These are phrases that are commonly used describe shampoos and conditioners. This fancy marketing jargon can sound really good and the commercials can look even better but do we know if these products even actually work?


By understanding what ingredients to avoid and what good ingredients to look for you will be able to make the best decision on hair care products you use.


To start with here are the top 6 ingredients to avoid. These are known to dry out your scalp, irritate oil glands and damage hair follicles.

  1.  Sodium Lauryl Sulfates
  2. Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate
  3. Mureth Sulfate
  4. Derivatives of Lauryl Alcohol
  5. Propylene Glycol
  6. Olefin Sulfonate


Now let’s take a look at several of key ingredients that should be in every shampoo and conditioner.


Moroccan Argan Oil


Moroccan Argan Oil popularly known as “Liquid Gold” Moroccan argan oil works wonders when used in hair care products.


This golden-colored oil derives from the kernel of the Argan fruit. It is high-priced for centuries not only being an age-old beauty secret, but also for the betterment of health. Since this oil contains high-level of Vitamin E and fatty acids, it also helps treats many skin ailments and blemishes.


This oil can be applied to the face, body, hair and cuticle. As an anti-aging product, it helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles. With its multiple beauty uses, there is no wonder why this oil is highly-prized and expensive.


Liquid Gold & Your Hair


Moroccan Argan oil contains antioxidants that help repair damaged hair cell membranes and sterols (which are effective to keep hair’s moisture). Unlike other oils, Argan oil is not greasy, smelly or sticky. It is easily absorbed by hair. Since the oil is lightweight, it does not build-up on your hair or makes hair limp.


  • Contains Omega 3 & 9 fatty acids that penetrate the hair shaft and repair damaged hair follicles.
  • High content of vitamin E that  is very effective for hair growth
  • Rebuilds hair cuticles
  • Moisturizes frizzy hair
  • Helps prevent hair breakage
  • Smooth strands by  increasing moisture content
  • Helps prevent moisture loss
  • Softens hair texture and combat frizz
  • Prevents the occurrence of split ends
  • Tames rough, dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair
  • Restores hair luster caused by too much of hair straightening and other chemical treatments
  • Keeps hair color intact for a longer period and prevents dryness as well.
  • Shields hair from harmful UV rays and protects the hair from environmental pollution
  • Contains Carotenes which counteract fragility, reduce split ends and promote healthy sheen


Brazilian Phyto-Keratin


Brazilian Phyto-Keratin is a protein blend that helps moisturize and protect dry, damaged skin. It also effectively brings shine and bounce to your hair. It is made by blending free amino acids from plants. Brazilian Phyto-Keratin increases the free amino acids found in the sebum and hair. This increase in amino acids will help you hair naturally maintain the moisture balance of the hair and will keep your hair moist and supple.


It is a deep conditioner for natural hair that brings great benefits such as-


  • Enhances the moisture binding ability of the hair
  • Makes hair sparkle, shine and bounce
  • Augments the free amino acids naturally present in the hair
  • Repairs hair from its very core
  • Recover its strength, elasticity and moisture
  • Helps hair to become more resistant to environmental elements like the sun, wind or extreme temperature changes
  • Penetrates into the hair and improves its healthy appearance
  • Naturally nourishes your hair with the protein it needs.
  • Replaces lost nutrients and natural oils caused by exposure to chemicals and toxins


Choosing the right conditioner


The much touted Brazilian Keratin and Moroccan Argan Oil ingredients are now available in Giovanni’s 2chic Brazilian Keratin & Argan Oil Ultra-Sleek Conditioner.


The rich combination of Brazilian Phyto-Keratin and Moroccan Argan Oil smoothes every strand of your hair perfectly and brings out its natural shine. It provides an intense moisturizing and detangling formula that delivers high-gloss shine and enviable manageability. It works great even for color-treated hair.


  • Brazilian Phyto-Keratin: a protein derived from Brazilian Cocoa. It is rich in nutrients and amino acids that make hair grow beautifully.


It penetrates hair and skin to deliver moisture as well as ability to retain moisture. It is rich in amino acids, which are the building blocks of healthy hair and skin.


  • Moroccan Argan Oil: an excellent source of Vitamin E and Omega 3, 6, & 9 fatty acids. These essential vitamins and nutrients make your scalp and hair healthy.


This oil is derived from the seeds of Moroccan Argan fruit. This oil contains Omega 3,6, & 9 fatty acids, which are essential nutrients for healthy hair and skin. Its anti-oxidant power helps combat damaging free radicals that can speed the aging process.


This is beneficial conditioner for your hair that provides nourishment and shininess. It helps hair naturally repair so it not dull and rough. It is safe for all hair types and is free from all harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances and toxins.


You can learn more about this hair conditioner by viewing a short informative video here.



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