L.A. Businesses Attract New Customers with Hypnotic Marketing Techniques

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(Newswire.net — April 11, 2014) Los Angeles, California — 


“I can honestly say, my business has taken a serious turn for the better.” shares Matthew, a financial planner who is one of many entrepreneurs that are using a popular marketing technique that uses hypnosis and findings in neuroscience to get amazing results in their business. He shares that in just one online presentation he was able to bring in over $5,000 in sales.


The latest trend is spreading to cities like San Francisco, New York, even crossing borders into London, and various countries in Asia. While some are excited about the possibilities and what could result from such powerful knowledge, others are looking for ways to compete with so many rising stars that employ, a similar field of techniques: neuromarketing.


Findings are coming up that there are teachers, coaches and experts in this field that are looking to share this knowledge. One known expert in the field of hypnosis and marketing Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas shares her expertise: “If you’re looking for the best, most impactful training on the use of hypnosis in marketing, you have to check out The Creative Wealth Formula. It not only showing you how to make more money with powerfully magnetic and irresistable marketing techniques, but also shows you how to creatively express yourself in your business at the same time!”


Taken directly from their website:


“Discover the 4 Key-Secrets to Creating More Sales, Profit & Impact:

Knowing what you’re selling is only half the work, figuring out why people are buying is where many businesses fail to plan, costing them more than just sales and customers. Without a clear definition, that includes your customer’s mindset, your strategies can come off stale and missing a spark!”

Some have speculated that the “spark” maybe referring to hypnosis and neuromarketing secrets. With mentions to the subconscious and conscious mind there is obvious references to psychological terms, perhaps another clue to the secrets they reveal in their training.


One thing is certain though, if they are showing people how to “bring in five figures a month (and more) — consistently” they are definitely changing the way most entrepreneurs are attracting new customers and growing their business.

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