Moms Says Stroller Hooks Are Must-Haves Items For Their Strollers!

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( — April 15, 2014) Las Vegas, NV — 


Anyone’s mom or caregiver of a carriage-age child and would like to rest their shoulders from lugging around a heavy bag, will see the recently launched Freddie and Sebbie luxury baby stroller hook clips for diaper’s bags as a godsend, according to Neil Speight, co-founder of Freddie and Sebbie, the leading baby products’ provider operating out or Las Vegas, NV.


Neil Speight, whose company recently released the Stroller hook clips to consumers via, said the new product is another of their kid’s line products that are made to the highest standards in quality, safety and reliability.


“We believe in giving the very best to both parent and child,” said Neil Speight, who noted that Stroller Hook Clips were designed to take out all the heavy lifting, so parents can keep their hands free and pay full attention to their children.


Benefits to be had from owning these stroller hook clips, include the following:

• Perfectly designed to fit all strollers.
• Heavy-duty strong metal clips – won’t break like the plastic clips.
• Clip’s locks for security this allows you to secure your valuables.
• Stays firmly fixed to the stroller handles.
• Made with the strongest quality materials available
• It won’t scratch or damage your stroller.
• Child friendly
• It takes all the weight out of your heavy bag.
• It comes with a set of two Stroller Hook Clips per pack.


However, the new luxury baby stroller hook clips for bags or diaper bags, guaranteed to last and won’t break like the cheaper plastic ones, seem to have been on the list of many “must have” baby carriage items.


According to their legions of Amazon Verified Purchaser, they have no hesitation in recommending the product to other baby stroller moms. Rachel H A Godfrey, for example, commented: “My high end diaper bag needed clips to attach to the stroller bar, and this was a great solution. My husband also really likes them for holding grocery bags when he uses the stroller for food shopping.”


Chad Bowerman, from Lorain, Ohio, United States, said: “These are nice straps that are constructed very well. I would recommend these to anyone. The merchant shipped these very quickly as well. We are happy with this product.”


MJwrabbit “mjwrabbit”, from MA, United States, says the stroller hook clips “attach easily. Have a strong hold. The clips are easy to use and hold tight. I would recommend them!”


Jaclyn Burns, commented: “I purchased these hooks to use during our most-recent trip to Disney World. I travel with three kids, ages 7, 5 and 2. We have moved out of using diaper bags, but still need to bring something to the park to carry snacks, medicines. Extra clothes, wipes, etc. I was using a backpack and need somehow to attach it to the stroller, which lead me to buy these. These stroller hooks are nice because they can be placed anywhere that you need them. I wound up hooking the backpack to one hook and my camera bag to the other one. They were sturdy, and I liked the fact that you could adjust them. I had previously used a product that snapped onto the handles, but this was definitely more convenient with the sturdy hooks.”


Wendy Ho, noted: “Package was well packed. The stroller hook clip is durable and useful. No regrets after buying!!! I will order again. Well Done.”

Bringing up the rear, Reymon Rubio “Manoy Mon” of New York, NY, concluded: “Probably the best accessory you can buy for your stroller. This is excellent for just about anything you can think of to hang on the stroller – toys, groceries, bags, etc. Very easy to set up. I highly recommend this product.”


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