New Economic Development Program Allows Chamber of Commerce to Build its Community

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( — April 23, 2014) Quincy, CA — Chamber Nation CEO, Richard Scully, enables Chambers of Commerce across the U.S. to maintain their edge as local information broadcasters. By empowering them to build commerce throughout their communities, he assists whole areas compete as a unified group in the digital arena.

Chamber executives want to invest in local businesses, improve membership retention rates,

and increase community revenue without adding to their burdens, or those of their staff

members. Chamber Nation’s new program solves all three problems, and saves the Chamber time and money. As Eric Christopher of Local Business Rock Star summarized in an interview with Mr. Scully, ”Chamber Nation has eliminated the time obstacle and provided resources that benefit the community.”

Chamber Nation engineers designed a new membership management system to address these issues. Membership Included rolls out to chambers of commerce across the nation April 21,2014.


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The program combines traditional membership with the tools needed to optimize search engine results. Information is made available on any search device, including tablets and mobile phones. Local businesses are showcased to prospective buyers in a relevant, beautiful, and functional way. As a result, the community enjoys a more robust, competitive online presence in the marketplace.

Mr. Scully developed the strategy after attending many chamber conferences, and listening to

executives describe their problems and needs. The concerns he encountered included

the frustration involved in finding new members, especially younger business owners, who felt

the Chamber of Commerce was not a relevant source of support to the unique needs of next generation businesses and buyers.

To solve these problems the Chamber needed a means of data gathering and the ability to present it to small business owners who lack the resources to do so on their own. By building a new system for chambers of commerce to employ, entire communities would be enabled to compete online as a unified group. was created with the struggles of Chamber executives in mind.  The program allows executives to overcome former hurdles and frees them to pursue other projects.

It also enhances the Chamber’s position as the most trusted source of information and a relevant broadcasting hub.

The program propels small business chamber members into the digital age by directing prospective buyers to the services they need and want.  The leads generated to local businesses demonstrate the value of membership in the local Chamber of Commerce and improve membership retention rates.  In addition, the community’s economy flourishes.

When neighboring Chambers work together, this same concept can strengthen commerce in an entire region.

“The mission is to convert Chambers of Commerce into the most powerful business resource centers in their respective communities…Everything from the latest engagement strategy to best practice management automation is covered…” states Mr. Scully.  

Membership Included delivers the membership management system support Chamber executives have been desperate for. To learn more visit

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