Skyspan Improves Roof Access with Safe and Easy Hatchways

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( — April 16, 2014) Kings Park, NSW — Skyspan, known for its cutting edge lighting products, has recently released hatchways that ensure secure and simple access to your roof. Using proprietary design methodology combined with quality materials, the Sydney-based company has delivered beyond industry expectations.


The release of these products reflects the increasing demand, as the provision of safe egress or access to the roof is mandatory for building owners. Whether in your own home or at the workplace, safe access must be guaranteed by way of an industry-standard model that ticks all safety boxes. 


Skyspan has invested time and resources to guarantee that clients are given a safe access system that fits with modern structure designs, while still maintain an affordable price point. The product line includes the following types of hatchways:

-Metal Access Hatchways – Ideal for both domestic and commercial applications, manufactured using Zincalume steel. It is possible to use powder coating for aesthetic blending with the rest of the building. You have a choice of several hatches, each providing varying levels of insulation.

-Skylight Access Hatchways – This model provides ventilation and natural light, as well as a safe roof entry point. You have the choice of a variety of materials, such as copper and aluminium.

-Sliding Access Hatchways – This model is particularly suited to commercial applications in high wind areas. The design prevents the conventional ‘sail action,’ ensuring a safe working environment.


Each hatch can be manufactured to suit your particular circumstance and roof profile – your Skyspan hatchway will never stick out like a sore thumb. The company prides itself on delivering products that use the top quality materials, expert craftsmanship, as well as multi-purpose solutions.


Despite this, every effort is made to maintain a competitive price point that ensures the company’s products are financially viable for its wide client base. This strategy has ensured Skyspan’s reputation as a leading supplier of lighting products in Australia.



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