WonderWink Scrub Shop Brings Style to Nurses

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(Newswire.net — April 16, 2014)  — Scrubs are the staple of a medical professional’s attire, but that doesn’t mean they have to be solely about function. One of the big advantages WonderWink Scrub Shop offers is apparent at first glance, showcasing a variety of vibrant colors and designs that weave style into any work day.


From cargo pocket options to four way stretch options, WonderWink scrubs offer a whole new level of comfort and versatility in medical scrubs. The material is also wrinkle and stain resistant. Less wrinkles means it is easier to carry replacement scrubs and change into them on the fly, and stain resistance reduces the frequency of having to change in the first place. Medical staff can be more productive and comfortable throughout the day, which improves mood while working.


For doctors and lab personnel, these same design features are available in lab coats as well. All of these are available on the newly redesigned online store.


When medical professionals buy WonderWink scrubs, they’re getting more than a stylish way to come to work. Every attention to detail goes into the fabric design, including color-matched stitching and breathable material built to stay cool and hold up well in 12+ hour shifts.


Customers can even accrue rewards points with each order, which lends itself naturally to the continuous need that nurses and doctors have for new scrubs. Each 1000 points equals $10 at the website, so users that order frequently can enjoy big savings over time. When comfort and quality matter most, WonderWink Scrub Shop aims to be a leader in supplying medical staff what they need for their demanding work.


For more information, contact Eric Johnson at (336) 768-0303 or visit http://wonderwinkscrubshop.com!