Millions Of Easter Eggs To Be Devoured Over Easter

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( — April 17, 2014) Bournemouth, DORSET — 

For many people Easter is just another long weekend, a break in the dreary stretch between Christmas and summer vacation. Even some Christians view Easter as a second-rate holiday.

Many children as well as adults chomp on miilions of Easter eggs that come in a big box that contain a hollowed out chocolate egg, in some of them now there are a smaller packet of chocolate mini eggs within.

But why do we have Easter eggs? Originally eating eggs was not allowed by the church leading up to Easter so that the eggs that were laid were saved and decorated and given to children as gifts.


This tradition was adapted by the Victorians with satin covered cardboard eggs filled with Easter gifts.The first chocolate eggs in the 19th century were bitter and hard originating in France and Germany.

With the improvement of chocolate making techniques, hollow eggs like the ones we have today were developed and this became very popular and still is.

The eggs are a symbol of new life, new beginnings, renewal and fertility. The chocolate has no symbolic meaning and is there for its taste. The hollow shell of the egg stands for the empty tomb of Christ after his cruxifixion and Christians have adopted the egg as a symbol of Easter.#

Easter is the most important holiday for Christians with them believing that by dying and coming back to life Jesus gave people the chance to know God a new way. The egg represents this good news.

Easter is a time for celebration.