Connecticut Culinary Career Source Launches

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( — April 17, 2014) Hartford, CT

A new web site structured to guide culinary arts students and help them learn more about cooking careers has launched its virtual website in Connecticut.


The Connecticut Cooking School website is a venture put together to aid readers in learning a little more about job prospects and schools in the cooking industry, especially as it relates to the state of Connecticut.


The website’s publisher, Roberta Turner, says readers to may look up public and private schools that provide training opportunities in Hartford or other cities around Connecticut.


“There is a lot to like about the culinary field,” noted Turner, “For example, most individuals can get started working in a restaurant in a fairly short period of time. While there is some formal education that is generally needed, much of the actual learning happens while the person is on the job.”


“The big exception to this is in the area of hospitality management,” continued Turner, “Restaurant and hotel management trainees are almost always required to have a bachelor’s degree. It usually doesn’t have to be a degree specifically in hospitality management, because those degrees aren’t offered at most colleges, but it could be some related business degree, such as in management or marketing.”


“Working in a busy kitchen doesn’t work out for everyone who tries it,” said Turner, “Some people can’t adjust to the unusual hours, because it’s almost never a nine-to-five, Monday through Friday work schedule. Others don’t like the idea of being on their feet all day. And still others don’t appreciate how busy and chaotic a good restaurant’s kitchen can get at rush hour.”


“But there are some people who will thrive in this type of environment,” concluded Turner, “And those people will often end up wanting to do nothing else.”


Turner says that this site is free of charge for users. There is no cost or enrollment necessary to use it.



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