Pink Hippo Productions Launches in Chicago

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( — April 23, 2014) Chicago, IL Pink Hippo Productions is a full service video production house that launched in September 2013. PHP’s team of filmmakers is quickly becoming the premiere digital cinema production house in Chicago. With the snow melting and production season on the horizon, they are fired up to get to work!


PHP focuses on the art of narrative filmmaking.  Pink Hippo Productions adapts those techniques and applies them to every project they work on. Coupled with their knowledge of the latest in digital filmmaking equipment, Pink Hippo strives to create art they like to call digital cinema.  Whether you are a producer of a feature looking for an experienced team to bring it to the big screen, or a company developing a corporate video, Pink Hippo’s team will guide you through every step of the process to ensure it is a success.


PHP has aspirations of nurturing the growing television and film industry in Chicago and seeing it rise to a new golden age. PHP is associated with Cinespace Chicago Film Studios and Illinois’ production tax breaks are bringing in more business than ever. The Pink Hippo Productions team is thrilled to be a part of the industry at this exciting moment in history.


Recent statistics show that video is becoming increasingly more important for businesses, organizations, and individuals. Businesses use corporate videos to separate themselves from the competition. Organizations use video as a tool to raise funds, and individuals use video to highlight how truly unique they are. Pink Hippo Productions dove into the market and is making a huge splash with their talented staff and great equipment that makes every project they touch a work of art.


“When your project enters the hands of our seasoned team, you can relax and enjoy your new production experience. We back ourselves with organization, fresh ideas, and being talented young professionals in Chicago” stated Pink Hippo Productions’ CEO and Director of Photography, Nicholas M. Puetz.


The Arri Alexa XT has found a new home: CHICAGO!

Pink Hippo Productions uses what is widely recognized as “the most complete Alexa Package in Chicago” in the Arri Alexa XT. By coupling the Arri Alexa XT with PHP’s expert team, they are truly bringing value to Chicago filmmakers. They are setting a standard in the industry by providing professional work at a more affordable rate. The Alexa XT camera package is also available for rent from Pink Hippo Productions.


Pink Hippo also owns a 24’ Crane system, Remote Camera Head, Dolly System, Zeiss Prime lenses, and many other high-end items that will make their films stand out. Contact Pink Hippo Productions today and allow them to take your project to the next level!



Pink Hippo Productions

1358 W. Belmont Unit 201
Chicago, IL 60657

(773) 672-3747