InBody Analysis Now Available for Portland at A Better You

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( — April 19, 2014) Portland, OR — A Better You, Portland’s premier weight loss solution, recently added a tool to assist clients to achieve their weight loss goals.


The tool is known as the “InBody”. The InBody system works by simply standing on the footplates and holding on to the handgrips. The system helps an individual regularly monitor body fat, water weight and overall muscular development.


So how does it work?


Since the human body is made up mostly of water, the InBody sends multiple frequencies out through each hand and foot. The device measures how fast these frequencies move through the body. The clients’ gender and age are entered into the system before the measurement process. The InBody then uses its patented measurement protocol, displaying accurate impedance results for each arm, leg and most importantly the body trunk.


In less than a minute, the InBody measures your total body fat, body water and lean body mass distribution. This patented technology gives individual measurements for each body segment; the four limbs and trunk.


Carolyn Johansen, founder of A Better You, finds that “…the InBody fit’s our business model like a glove”.


“It shows how the body is really composed. I thought I needed to lose another fifteen pounds. It said I only needed to lose six. The other nine were composed of muscle. I took the total as all being fat when it wasn’t” she added.


The InBody will let you see what you are literally “made of”!


A report is available for the client that indicates pounds of body fat, segmental muscle distribution, percentage of body fat, BMI (body mass index) and basal metabolic rate.

The InBody has been featured by Shape magazine and on television at The Doctors and Oprah Winfrey.





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