Former Chicago Councilman Gerald E. Jones Supports CBDs for Health

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( — April 23, 2014) Chicago, Il — I had the pleasure of interviewing Gerald E. Jones on topics that he is very passionate and excited about. Gerald is a dynamic, enthusiastic personality.  When he said he was 73 I needed to rub my eyes and see if I was hearing him correctly. He has more energy than people half his age.


Gerald has always put himself out there.  Back in the 1970s he ran for councilman in Chicago Ward 7. He won and was the first African American to have that position in that ward. He has been an educator at the high school and City Colleges of Chicago. He is a former business manager at the College of Chicago. He is a Certified Educator National Educational Specialist and holds a Masters Degree in Urban Government. Gerald has been very successful at motivating others as he is so self-motivated. He has helped many become successful.


John: “Gerald, I would like to find out some things about you. How is it that you are so healthy? Have you always been that way?”


Gerald: “Thanks for noticing. I have had my own health problems. There have been some times, not very long ago when I was very sick. I was so sick there was a possibility I would not live.”


John: “Obviously you are very much alive. Did you suddenly change?”  


Gerald: “I have always been interested in good health. I have followed a variety of health regimens that support good health.  I like holistic approaches to health.  I feel if I can support my body, mind and spirit in good health with healthy living it shows.”


John: “You wanted to talk about what you feel might be the biggest advance in a holistic health in a very, very long time. What can you tell me about that?”


Gerald: “I am talking about CBDs or cannabidiols.”


John: “Ok. What is that? Is that a name for medical marijuana?”


Gerald: “Partly yes and partly no. Medical marijuana, in fact marijuana contains THC. THC is the active ingredient in marijuana that causes that high that is experienced with marijuana. Marijuana is hemp. Hemp is an ancient plant. Up until the 20th century hemp was the largest cash crop in the US. Hemp which is the plant has been valuable to people for thousands of years including as a medicine.”


John: “Medical marijuana and marijuana in general has been a controversial issue for many, many years. It has been labeled as an illegal drug since the early 1970s. Many people have gone to prison for having or selling it. Now, what you are saying is that you support the use of marijuana for health reasons.”


Gerald: “Once again yes and no. What I support is scientific research on CBDs. That has shown that the CBDs are the medicinal components of the hemp plant. There are now products that are available that are CBD oils and no THC. As there is no THC in these there is no high at all.”


John: “Have you used any of these products and if you have what have you experienced?”

Gerald: “Yes I have. I tell you a very clear way I notice this. I have CBD oil. I just take some orally every day.  The first thing I notice is feeling lighter as I move. I don’t feel tired. I am not wired or stoned as there is nothing in this that gives you any kind of high. I feel very healthy. I notice it because I find myself doing things like simply going and picking up something that fell under the table. I go down reach in get it and stand back up. What I notice is I have no stiffness or pain. I notice I don’t notice any issues.”


John: “So, instead of being aware aches, pains and things we take for granted as being a part of aging or time in our lives passing, you find yourself wondering where the pain went.”


Gerald: “Exactly. Health is a mind, body and soul thing. One of the big problems people face is depression.  I don’t feel depressed. It is not like I have never felt depressed but now I feel terrific. The better I feel the more I do. The more I do the happier I feel the more people I see and life is better and better. I feel like my life now is going up with age not down.”


John: “The saying is if only we could bottle that.”


Gerald: “Maybe not bottle but it is in a tube.”


John: “I am sure people want to know more.  I see you have a video with Dr. Sanjay Gupta on this.”


Gerald: “I have so much information as there is more scientific research going on and progress now than ever. I am happy to share it.”


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