Bioniser Non Chlorine System Chosen For One Of Largest Pools In QLD Australia

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( — April 23, 2014) Noosaville, QLD — With Time Magazine and The Washington Post sounding the alarm on poisonous toxins being created when chlorine mixed with urine in pools, more Australian pool owners are now choosing chlorine free pool systems, such as Bioniser Pty Ltd. 


One such pool owner boasts one of the largest domestic pools in Queensland near Redland Bay south of Brisbane. Pool builder Yan Hartono, says he chose the Bioniser copper ionization system for his newly built pool for its set-and-forget system and robust capability to perform with such a high water volume.


“The result has been almost half a million litres of crystal clear beautiful  fresh water,” he says.  “It quite literally sparkles, especially with the ion extender Ionlife+ in the mix.”


“I honestly thought that this pool would be a problem pool due to the size and demands, but to my surprise it has just been a joy. I’m very happy so far with the performance and water quality of the Bioniser. The water looks and feels amazing.”


Yan specialises in building high-end pools in exclusive homes, and will offer a chlorine free option to his clients. Meanwhile his own magnificent fresh water pool, set in a beautiful location on acreage surrounded by nature is a testament to the best that nature provides. 





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