SOBA Recovery is the “Best Drug Rehab” Nationwide

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( — April 24, 2014)  — Malibu, California — SOBA Recovery Has Recently Been Awarded The Title Of “Best Drug Rehab” in America.

This designation was given to SOBA as the result of a newly released online polling system  where respondents, who are experts in various drug and alcohol addiction treatment methods, philosophies and treatment centers throughout the United States were asked to to select the “Best Drug Rehab” (treatment center).

The results, many said, were what they expected as SOBA Recovery Center, with its CEO Greg Hannley who is well known for national appearances as an expert in drug addiction on CNN’s Larry King Live, Fox News, Fox and Friends and other national media outlets, selected Greg and SOBA Recovery Center above all the others.

Greg is seen here on CNN’s Larry King Live:

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The tally and designation of “Best Drug Rehab” came as a result of an ongoing discussion about various facilities, staff, leadership, philosophies and ultimately “sobriety results” about just which facility would essentially be able to claim that designation. Trying to maintain as fair and impartial a selection process as could be carried out, this survey was conducted online and the winner was picked by drug and alcohol treatment center experts independently.

After introducing the poll, there was much passionate discussion as the gravity of the services rendered and the needs of the clients effects so many families so profoundly; but when the dust settled, there was a distinct and undisputed winner of the popular title. SOBA Recovery was established as the accepted “Best Drug Rehab”.

Respondents expressed strong favorable opinions of SOBA’s Founder and CEO Greg Hannley which was, most likely, the deciding factor identifying SOBA as the “Best Drug Rehab in America“.

One respondent specifically commented “Greg has this unique ability to deeply connect and build trust with people almost immediately and very authentically; trust and being real is more than half the battle and that’s why I chose SOBA and Greg.”
Greg has received both national acclaim as well as considerable respect from his peers in alcohol and drug treatment centers, sober living communities and thousands of patient/ guests who now live sober lives after receiving treatment at SOBA. Actor Daniel Baldwin was quoted on Fox News “Fox and Friends” advising actor Charlie Sheen to “Call Greg Hannley” to receive treatment.  

Although SOBA has anonymously provided treatment to influential, affluent and celebrity guests, it was one of the first to effectively provide this level of treatment to the general public via standard insurance based billing such as Aetna, Cigna, Value Options and others.

After Greg was informed of the polling, he was quoted stating “That’s quite an honor and I’m very flattered; I had no idea anyone was even talking about this, much less a vote. It’s nice to be highly regarded but our focus has always been to help people; changing their lives is all the accolades I care about.”

Greg was also added “We’ve been able to expand quite a bit at SOBA and can now help more people than ever before. If being named “Best Drug Rehab in America” means we have the opportunity to help more people and their families, that’s all I care about.”

SOBA Recovery can be contacted at the business by telephone at 800-595-3803.

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