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( — April 25, 2014) Raleigh, NC — Mike Barker, Owner/Manager of North Hills Exxon is voted best auto repair shop in Raleigh for service, via customer review.


Driving a luxurious and classy car is a great feeling, but it’s the maintenance and repair task that’s a complete pain for all car owners. The worst part is that car repairs can cost one more than what they might want to spend. North Hills Exxon understands this and thus, offers affordable services on car repair and maintenance.


People need a reputable car repair place that will give honest advice that can be trusted. While they might feel that their vehicle needs to be repaired at the most unfortunate time, they cannot afford to cut corners and just leave their car with anyone. The best thing they can do to guarantee that their car is taken care of properly is to take it to a credible auto repair shop. The car will be treated as if it is owned by one of the mechanics working there.


Mike Barker, owner/manager of North Hills Exxon, performs car services and repairs, oil changes, car inspections and other services related to car repairs and maintenance. He believes in providing not only good car care, but also in offering great services and value to customers. Mike is an ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) member and has certifications from the NAPA Auto Care Center and Tech-Net Auto Service Professional. He has been given several awards, and has an A+ BBB rating for his quality services.


Mike’s was not completely surprised by being named, best auto repair shop in Raleigh, per his statements. “I bring 45 years of experience to the business, and though I’m the owner, I’m also the site manager. I’m here almost every day, overseeing all that’s being done. We bring a quality part and a quality product to the market. We’re here to stand behind it, by giving a full warranty of everything we do. And, I’m here to answer any questions that people ask, to provide a better personal service side for our car repair clients.”


Regardless, not just taking Mike’s word for his car car excellence, what do customers have to say about North Hills Exxon? “I am always pleased with my service at North Hills Exxon – everyone is friendly and helpful. Could not be more professional, or convenient!” ~ Lauren.  Other comments can be found by clicking on the automotive repair reviews link.


Whether the vehicle is new or not, car owners should not wait until the very last moment before they decide to start looking for an auto repair shop where they can take their car into. They need a shop that provides exceptional repair services and wants their customers’ satisfaction.


Some people delay repairs as they feel that their vehicles can keep working with 1 or 2 minor nuisances, or only when they have to to pass annual auto safety inspections. This is not advisable as it can put the vehicle at risk of getting more damages, and this could even make repairs more expensive once the car stops running altogether.


North Hills Exxon wants everyone to take care of their cars and avoid spending more than needed. Thus, the company offers affordable and quality services that can keep costs down for car owners and keep their car working for a long time. Also, please join our circles on Google+:

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