Wholesale Handmade Soap Coupon Code Get Vegans Lathered On Earth Day

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(Newswire.net — April 25, 2014) — With their increasing popularity, Natural Soap Wholesale is expanding its customer care services. The company proudly announces that they are broadening their customer service phone hours, as well as cater to new prospective clients by offering a one time use wholesale handmade soap coupon code.


Adams Handmade Soap, aka Handmade Soaps Wholesale, products have been the premiere choice of the environmentally conscious, as well as vegans, as all products are derived from top quality, all natural ingredients, and are GMO Free. Nearly all the products of the company are supported by vegan, since a predominant number of soap loaf recipes are free from animal derived ingredients, with absolutely no animal testing of products with formulas that do include animal derived ingredients, e.g. – goat’s milk.


Aside from extending their customer care service hours, the company also announces the release of the much requested Natural Wholesale Handmade Soap Coupon Code Discount. The discount coupon code is available for new and first time clients in the U.S., including all of the U.S. districts and Canada. “It came about by popular demand, and because I was feeling generous, in honor of Earth Day, this month.” says company founder and owner, Anthony Adams.


With the company’s improved customer care service, and the release of natural Wholesale Soap Discount Coupon, it will become easier for buyers to register and purchase soap products from the company. This allows resale specialists to get unique branding when ordering the company’s soap products with labeling options in bulk, and save huge. Using the discount coupon code, buyers can order soap products with genetic labeling, local brand labeling, and other labeling options. Resale specialists can even buy all natural soaps with attractive color with labeling options and resell the wholesale natural soap.


Adams Handmade Soap is the premiere soap loaf wholesale and wholesale soap source that resale specialists have been looking for. These soap products are GMO free and perfect for resale at flea markets, fund raisers, salons, small shops, and any market. Adams Handmade Soap products employ essential oils and herbs for wonderful natural fragrences.


People who are not convinced with the company’s products can try it before buying as the company provides free samples to back their claim. The company is a member of Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild, so everyone is assured that all of the company’s products are GMO free and safe to use.


Adams Handmade Soap

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