How Modern Technology Helps One NC L3C Expand

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( — April 25, 2014) Wilmington, NC

Low-Profit, Limited Liability Company, that’s what L3C stands for.  The general public probably doesn’t even know they existed, much less were abolished by North Carolina as of January 1, 2014.  L3Cs are a legal, hybrid form of business entity in the United States which was designed to bridge the gap between non-profit and for-profit investing by providing a structure that facilitates investments in socially beneficial, for-profit ventures while simplifying compliance with IRS rules for program-related investments, a type of investment that private foundations are allowed to make. (  Did you get all that?  In short, we have a social purpose like a non-profit but with flexibility to attract foundation and private investor monies to fulfill our ventures by branding, connecting and market positioning.  One North Carolina L3C does just that and is looking to do a whole lot more.

North Carolina has some 100 or so L3Cs still standing and one in particular takes their social conscious mission to Hangouts On Air by Google Live Streaming.  NC Local Connections L3C (NCLC L3C) was formed in April, 2012 with a social conscious mission to sell promotional marketing services to For-Profit local businesses which fund local Non Profits and new job skill training apprenticeship programs.

This press release is to educate the public on our L3C’s social purpose of giving back to our community by using Google’s Hangouts On Air and Google’s Helpouts to deliver these products/services and training.  Local businesses should really consider hanging out online more often, since this alleviates the need to actually leave their offices or homes to network or learn. All products, services and training are delivered by live streaming and when NC Local Connections L3C (NCLC L3C) gets paid from local business’ online advertising, this sale funds the teaching and makes a donation at the same time!

Our promotional services market local businesses online, find prospects and organizes their leads from advertising campaigns.  What’s interesting is that we use products that ‘share’ commissions with non-profits, so that it is directly paid to them.  This same product line contains the promo tools used to set up and organize the local businesses online marketing campaigns.  What is sold to local businesses and paid out to non-profits is actually used in the apprenticeship programs. We have teamed up with  Project-UpLift, Raleigh NC, apprenticeship programs in teaching Veterans, At-Risk and Disadvantaged special interest groups, the formerly incarcerated and unemployed new job skills for gainful employment.

NCLC L3C is launching a special website just for showcasing our Google “HelpOuts” training course, on JobWagonUSA.   NCLC L3C specializes and offers Google Hangouts, Helpouts, Google Plus Local, mobile websites, video production and promoting, social media sharing and ads, classifieds and lead capture sales funnels. is one such sample demo.

 So let me ask you…Does your business hangout?  Can we Hangout together?  Please consider supporting our products and services, which promotes you online all the while enriching, empowering and reviving our communities.

Private Investors, Foundations and All Persons wanting to invest and/or need marketing. (800) Rx EARTH.  (800-793-2784) or (910) 208-0816

NCLC L3C has other divisions to help fund these social missions.  Urban Farming is one that we actively seeking investors for – real estate included.  Please call, text or email.


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