Biofield Analysis Reveals Presidential Health

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( — April 25, 2014) Washington, DC — “War is the health of the state” was coined in World War I. It is also said that war means confusion, which can be a stressful state for world leaders. American troops are now stationed in nearly 150 countries. Running such a global empire is a stressful job in the best of times.

Barack Obama’s approval rating is now at 44, below his average of 48. While some presidents have scored higher in their second April after re-election, others have done considerably worse (source:
63 Bill Clinton
62 Ronald Reagan
44 Barack Obama
36 George W. Bush
26 Richard Nixon

Presidential health is always painted rosy in the public eye, but the stress of the job has taken its toll many times over the past century. President Wilson was paralyzed by a stroke with two years left in office. President Roosevelt died of a stroke while in office. Eisenhower suffered a heart attack early in his presidency. President Kennedy covered up his Addison’s disease and back problems during his term. President Nixon suffered with phlebitis and possibly depression. President Reagan’s Alzheimer’s symptoms began to show in his second term.

Most of what is made public about President Barack Obama’s health consists of routine test scores within the normal ranges. It is known that he has had skin tags removed from his neck and that he has a large scar on right forearm. He has had physical therapy for upper back pain, and he does sometimes take NSAIDs. He has also taken malaria medications for travel.

The President’s family health history is positive for cancer. His mother died of ovarian cancer, and his Grandfather died of prostate cancer. President Obama carries other health risks from his own past, including use of cocaine in high school. He is fortunate to have avoided heroin use due to his fear of injecting a bubble. The young Barack started smoking tobacco in high school, and smoked for decades until just a few years ago, under pressure from his First Lady, Michelle.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine once complained of Obama’s frequent posing for cameras while eating fast food. On the positive side, the White House serves only organic food. Like the corporate lunch room at Monsanto, no GMO’s are allowed.


Biofield Analysis Reads Between the Lines


The health of any world leader can be a potential factor in unfolding global events. New York Magazine reported Barack as admitting “I’m not naturally a morning person.” Deeper analysis of the President’s health and fitness is clearly of public interest. Healing Oasis, a Hawaii-based leader in remote sensing, scanned the President’s status today and announced a summary of its findings. The test method, called Biofield Analysis, is akin to government developed remote viewing technology, but emerged from German electrodiagnostic healing procedures long favored by some in the British Royal family.

According to the test report, the President’s health level is actually quite good, scoring a 5 out of 5 in the Five Phases of Health Model, which is a central dimension of the recently released Clinical Theory of Everything.

Four layers of stress were identified. On the surface, the President shows some inflammatory stress in the dental area, but it appears to be primarily psychoemotional in origin, as it is balanced by a remedy called “Encouragement” combined with the affirmation: “I radiate a strong and powerful energy.” The teeth can become stressed when we face hard decisions, sometimes leading to clenching or grinding.

The second layer of stress identified was centered in the lower bowel area and balanced by a remedy designed to stimulate the immune system to dissolve benign growths and deposits in the connective tissue like polyps and fibroids, which have become much more common in the past few decades.

The next deeper stress layer showed some chronic weak areas from the President’s past involving his kidneys and colon, the two areas that coordinate to keep the body hydrated. Both of these were balanced by a natural remedy for stimulating improved digestion.

The fourth and deepest layer of stress identified was a need for psychoemotional Bioenergy Protection. This layer was balanced by support for the President’s Inner Voice in combation with the affirmation “I have patience.”

The healing intentions are being sent to the President, and readers are invited to support the healing process by adding their positive thoughts and prayers for both individual healing and global peace. 


by Glen Swartwout G+

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