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( — April 26, 2014) St. Louis, MO — SEO or search engine optimization is a service that the leading website design company, A Fresh Web Design in St. Louis, uses to help get your business website indexed by the search engines and ranking in the search results. It is a combination of strategies that help your website get more visitors, which can add up to more profits.

SEO strategies cause your website to get noticed by the web crawlers that the search engines send out to check what’s going on online. It helps to make your business website more visible to the search engines, and also to potential customers looking for a solution to their problems that your products or services can solve! SEO is the next step for a business to take after website design.

The leading website design company in St. Louis uses cutting edge SEO strategies that help you get more traffic to your business website in many ways. One of those ways is called on page optimization. That means the web design specialists will optimize your web pages so that they have all the things that the search engine web crawlers are looking for, plus the web company will make sure your web pages will also be able to attract potential customers through the content posted on your website.

On page website optimization includes tasks like going over the content on your site and making sure that it has the proper amount of keywords and keyword phrases, contains up to date and useful information and not just sales advertisements, has good photos with alt attributes, and graphics that download fast which are clear and not blurry, has insightful and interesting videos that show things like how to use your product or gives some testimonials from real customers on your products or services, plus much more.

It also means making sure that website design for St. Louis businesses is user friendly, pleasant on the eyes with no contrasting colors, does not use too many moving graphics or things like blinking banners that could annoy your potential customers, proper navigation, etc. You want visitors to stay on your pages long enough to learn about your company, see that you are credible, decide to call your company or buy something straight from the website, and on page optimization is a way SEO helps you to accomplish this.

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