JustFoodRecipes.com Reveals Best Banana Cake Recipe

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(Newswire.net — April 26, 2014) Manhatten, NewYork — Justfoodrecipes.com has just revealed the best banana cake recipe after extensively reviewing a number of submissions.


After extensive taste testing and analyzing different recipes JustFoodRecipes has selected what it thinks is the best banana cake recipe.” It was a tough decision” states Janet Brown, nutritionist and cook of justFoodRecipes.com, “but we think we have come up with the best one. We had to not only look at the flavor and texture but also how moist it was. Sometimes its the little subtleties like texture that make all the difference. You know the difference between something that just melts in your mouth after a single bite.”

JustFoodRecipes.com was launched in March 2014 and already has over 500 visitors per day and growing. Its a website designed to showcase some of the best recipes on the web along with video tutorials on how to cook any particular recipe. Some of the more popular recipes are actually chicken recipes made from home. For example the Easy Chicken Recipe with Skinless, Boneless Breast Meat, and the Orange Chicken Recipe with Secret Sauce.

JustFoodRecipes has many categories including recipe of the day, popular recipes, chicken recipes and of course cakes where the banana cake recipe is posted. “We invite anyone to try the best banana cake recipe and let us know what they think” says Janet Brown. “If anyone can come up with a better recipe then leave us a comment and we will post it on the site.”

Banana cakes need to be kept moist by placing the cooked cake into a freezer for 30minutes straight after cooking. This is a handy tip that will ensure you get the most moist banana cake that anyone can enjoy over a cup of tea. The cake will draw in moisture while its cooling and keep moist for a long time.

JustFood recipes has an avid follower list on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest and many of its visitors arrive through social media sites. Most of its visitors are female and have a passionate interest in baking and recipes. “We are trying to attract more male cooks” states Janet Brown, “as we would like to encourage them to try baking. We have posted videos more tailored to men for some of the recipes on the website, and hope this will help them at least have a go with some of the more simpler recipes.”

JustFoodRecipes.com Best banana cake recipe can be found on its website http://justfoodrecipes.com


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