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(Newswire.net — April 26, 2014) Crows Nest, NSW — Business owners looking to increase sales and grow profits can now implement a proven 4 Step program that will help generate more quality lead flow, maximise conversion to customers and optimise customer value while allowing compounding to produce exponential results. 

The 4 steps in the Leads 2 Profits Program are:

Position – Leads 2 Profits helps position the business as the obvious choice in the eye of prospects by helping them get clear about who their target market is and why prospects should buy from them. Then Leads 2 profits assists with media exposure through articles that appear in major news outlets as well as through Press Releases to give the business authority and credibility so they stand out in the market, making it easy for prospects to choose to do business with them.

Persuade – After Positioning, Leads 2 Profits helps set up lead generation and conversion systems to increase the quality and quantity of leads the business receives and convert a higher percentage of them into paying customers. The difference to a business by increasing conversion rates by even 10% can have a dramatic impact on the bottom line.

Promote – Once Persuade strategies are set in place the business can start promotion using multiple online, offline and partner strategies to maximise the number of prospects finding out about them. Prospects are driven to the lead capture mechanism that was created using multiple marketing campaigns. They enter the conversion system and proceed through the sales funnel to become customers.

Prosper – www.Leads2Profits.net helps the business optimise lifetime customer value by setting strategies to get new and existing customers to spend more money each time they buy, to come back and buy more often and to remain loyal customers for longer periods of time through regular ongoing customer appreciation and communication strategies. They also set up referral campaigns so customers can easily refer others to the business.

The compounding effect of more leads, higher conversion to customers, spending more when they buy and buying more often, together with increased referrals has a profound positive impact on profit and business value.

About Us: Leads 2 Profits is a leading Business Growth and Consulting firm that helps business of all kinds increase profits and grow business value. With an expert team of qualified, experienced and successful former business owners, all programs use real-world practical strategies that have been proven to work over many years.

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