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(Newswire.net — April 28, 2014) St. Petersburg, Florida — Foreclosure is a serious matter and for Floridians who have been served with foreclosure papers, it’s a stressful situation. During this time, the right foreclosure lawyer can and will make all the difference.


Tampa foreclosure attorney Matt Weidner has been recognized as a strong and dedicated advocate for clients facing foreclosures in Florida. He has received glowing endorsements from his clients and from his peers. This year, he has been honored as one of Florida Trend magazine’s Florida Legal Elite 2014.


Lawyers listed in Florida’s Legal Elite 2014 are a distinguished and outstanding group. They are among the top lawyers in the state. Since the designation was established in 2004, fewer than 1,300 Florida lawyers have received the distinction of being named Florida’s Legal Elite. These lawyers make up less than two per cent of the 98,364 members of the Florida Bar who practice in the state.


Members of the legal profession conduct the selection process for this coveted award. Those selected as Florida’s Legal Elite 2014 were chosen through a ballot process by in-state members of the Florida Bar. Lawyers were asked to nominate attorneys they hold in high regard or would recommend to others. They were also able to name up and coming attorneys and attorneys who work in government or non-profit roles.


Mr. Weidner, a Tampa foreclosure lawyer, has been practicing civil litigation since 1999 when he was called to the Florida Bar. He has represented his clients in foreclosure, bankruptcy, consumer and commercial finance transactions and civil litigation throughout his legal career and is a highly sought out Tampa foreclosure attorney.


“One of the most important things we offer the clients who retain us is peace of mind,” he says. “Certainly you will still worry and you and your family will have questions, but you will have a dedicated team of attorneys and staff that are standing by and immediately ready to respond to your questions and needs.”


He also represents clients who may need bankruptcy or mortgage modification. Mr. Weidner urges those considering a mortgage modification to get legal advice before signing an agreement.


“If a consumer is in foreclosure, behind on their mortgage payments or are many months into the mortgage modification process, they need to recognize that a mortgage modification is just as serious as a foreclosure case,” he says. “And whether you’re in foreclosure or not, you should retain and consult an experienced foreclosure defense attorney to protect your rights.”


He says attorneys for the banks are working to foreclose on Floridians. At the same time, consumers are being tricked into signing mortgage modification agreements. This tactic is known as “dual tracking.” It was addressed in the National Mortgage Settlement Agreement, entered into by Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, GMAC/Ally and CitiMortgage, the five largest banks in the nation. While the agreement was intended to eliminate such practices, Mr. Weidner says they are still occurring.


As a Tampa foreclosure attorney, Mr. Weidner understands the importance of quick action and solid litigation strategies in order to best serve his clients.


“Foreclosure is a rapidly changing battlefield and we’re constantly thinking, constantly changing, constantly conferring with the best and the brightest legal minds in all areas of consumer justice law to make sure we’re bringing every defense and strategy to bear on your behalf,” he says.


Mr. Weidner is admitted to practice in the Federal Court, Middle District of Florida, Northern District of Florida and United States Court of Appeals for the Federal 11th Circuit in Atlanta. He graduated from Florida State University and the Florida State University College of Law. He served as counsel to professional organizations throughout the state before entering private practice in Jacksonville, Florida.


Mr. Weidner also serves as the President of the Florida Consumer Justice Advocates, Inc., an association made up of Florida consumer law attorneys, law firms and consumer advocates. The organization’s mission is to protect the integrity of the state’s court system and to promote fairness in consumer litigation. The need for the Florida Consumer Justice Advocates, Inc. came as a result of increasing pressures on the state’s civil justice system from high caseloads and underfunding.


A special report in the July 2014 issue of Florida Trend will feature Mr. Weidner and the other members of Florida Legal Elite 2014. Florida Trend magazine has featured its Florida’s Legal Elite each year since 2004.


For more information about Tampa foreclosure attorney Matt Weidner or to contact WeidnerLaw, please visit their website at mattweidnerlaw.com or call (727) 378-9516.


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