The Greatest Show on Earth

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( — April 28, 2014) Columbus, Ohio — 

The 143rd edition of the Greatest Show On Earth in Columbus, Ohio May 8-11, 2014.

Did you know that P.T. Barnum started using the phrase “The Greatest Show on Earth” in 1872 as part of his enterprise – “P.T. Barnum’s Traveling World’s Fair, Great Roman Hippodrome and Greatest Show On Earth”?

Barnum first joined forces with James A. Bailey and James L. Hutchinson in 1881. They later separated and joined back together in 1888; the same year “Barnum & Bailey Greatest Show On Earth” first toured the United States.

The Ringling Brothers of Baraboo, Wisconsin began their circus in 1884.
The Ringling Bros Circus grew over the years, and by 1906 purchased the “Forepaugh-Sells Bros. Circus”. On July 8, 1907 they purchased “The Greatest Show on Earth” for $400,000. They toured separately until 1919, when “The Ringling Brothers” merged with “P.T. Barnum & Bailey Circus”.

In 1929 Ringling bought 5 shows for $1.7M all at one time when they bought “the American Circus Corporation”. By 1936 many had accepted

 Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus as part of the American tradition. Irvin Feld was instrumental in saving the circus from financial troubles by transitioning from tents to the arenas in the 1950s.


Feld family purchased “Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey” on November 11, 1967.


Feld later purchased “The Circus Williams” (GUNTHER GEBEL-WILLIAMS) for $2M. Gunther made his American debut January 6, 1969 as part of the 99th Edition of The Greatest Show on Earth in Veinice, Florida.

Like “The Monty Python”every tradition has its beginning before it actually becomes a tradition, Bobb Says Yes began as Bobb Automotive in 1924 in Columbus, Ohio. Bobb Automotive first registered with BBB 1/1/1939 with a current “B” rating.



Everything changes with the times, however it takes imaginitve and dedicated people who remain persistent during these times that turns into tradition. 2014 is the 90th Edition of Bobb Automotive, Inc. as “Bobb Says Yes” – providing a vehicle to The Greatest Show on Earth – YOU!

From our family to your family and the circus family, the greatest show on earth has, is and always will be Family – the longest tradition of them all.

Built to Amaze at The Schottenstein Center 555 Borror Dr, Columbus, OH 43210 the following dates:


-May 8, 2014 7pm

-May 9, 2014 7pm

-May 10, 2014 11am, 3pm; and

-May 11, 2014  1pm , and 5pm

Bobb Says Yes

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