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( — April 28, 2014) Dallas, Texas — Google expanded their Webmaster Academy quite significantly in March of 2014.  Since recent changes in Google’s algorithm have had a significant impact (negative in many cases) on so many businesses, these additions are important to any business who cares about their online presence and traffic from Google’s organic search results.


Google says, “it’s a great idea to become an educated consumer and get familiar with how search engines work” especially if you are looking to hire an SEO.  Google has taken some important steps to point businesses in the right direction.  This is above and beyond what has been available for quite some time in their Webmaster Guidelines.


This is a good move on the part of Google to improve transparency and help those businesses whose visibility in the search results is often diminished greatly from following questionable strategies and tactics.  This month, Matt Cutts (chief engineer on the spam team at Google) himself has released a video dispelling some common myths about SEO.


Beth Kahlich, who offers seo training at her Search Engine Academy in Dallas comments on these developments.



“We’ve been working with Google since 2008 and this is a great move in the right direction. It’s essential that business owners,  and marketing professionals understand how search engines work and this is one good way for people to learn that information.


Our live SEO workshops build on this information – by providing a coach to help people understand the complexities of marketing your business or nonprofit online.”

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